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The Lovely Flights to Utila, Honduras

I’m sitting on my couch reading a scuba diving magazine, when I see mentioned a dive festival coming up in Utila, Honduras. Where? I was so captured by the name itself I had to look it up. I’ve heard of Honduras before, but never Utila.

It turns out, Honduras has three islands in the Bay area – Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja. Aha! New places I have now learned of! Well, three months later I was off on the plane to Utila for a five day trip of beaching, scuba –diving and relaxation.

The plan ride itself is an amazing experience, but for a New Yorker, quite a tricky trip.

I had to fly American Airlines to the mainland of Honduras – San Pedro Sula, with a connection in Miami. That’s not too bad right? Afterwards, I had to take two small jets to the island which I was prepared for. In planning the trip, there are only certain days that the jets enter the islands and timing is key so you don’t miss your connecting flight.

With only twelve of us waiting to get onto the small jet, we all started talking about our excitement to fly out over the mountains of the mainland and over the waters. We could almost see the cockpit of the airplane, it was that small of plane. Gladly, we had a stewardess that served us drinks and snacks during the 25 minute flight. The mountains were gorgeous as we soared over them in and out of the clouds. Onto the ocean we were with sparkling green waters below us!

When we got to La Ceiba, another city in the mainland, we hopped off and only four of us (including myself) stayed for our fourth and last jet – an even smaller jet than the first! The cockpit area was open the entire time and the four of us got our own row! One woman traveling with us had grown up there prior and was returning to visit family. Looking back to my conversation with her, everything she stated was true. Everyone on the island was super nice, it was laid back, and the food was naturally grown so of course it was better than anything with chemicals and pesticides!

The view of Utila island was by far the best airplane ride yet. The small jet did not shake at all and we were so close to the land, I would not have minded sky-diving at that point! You could see the corals, seaweed patches, and the cute small houses built onto the island. We circled to gain view of both the north and south shore before we landed. In the middle of the island, you could see it was full of forests, woods, and random cabins. I knew what that meant for me..ATV-ing was going to be a must! Stay tuned for more of my stories from Utila, Honduras. This one was only the intro and there will be more to come on this small, truly unique paradise.



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Angelica resides in Brooklyn, NY and travels as often as she can while working as a counselor for the disabled. She is an Advanced Scuba Diver and loves to ATV. She belives that the world = infinity. You will never run out of places to go or talk about!

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