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My Visit to the Blue Lagoon

While I may not have written about each of my previous visits to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, I have been to the Blue Lagoon now a total of five glorious times. Each time it helps end my stay on an incredibly positive note, makes me feel relaxed and, if I'm on my way to the airport immediately afterwards, helps me become completely stress-free for my flight. On one of my visits in December 2012, I did cover my nighttime visit to the Blue Lagoon here. But this destination deserves a post all to itself and that's why I'm covering it here as well as in my GoPro video on my YouTube channel.

TSG Tip: Want to learn a little Icelandic today? Blue Lagoon in Icelandic is "Bláa Lónið." I learned that the hard way when during one of my stays in Iceland I had a rental car with a GPS and couldn't find "Blue Lagoon." Always helps if you know the language or at least a few words in the country you're visiting!

According to the Blue Lagoon, "the geothermal water originates 2,000 metres below the surface, where freshwater and seawater combine at extreme temperatures. It is then harnessed via drilling holes at a nearby geothermal power plant, Svartsengi, to create electricity and hot water for nearby communities. On its way to the surface, the water picks up silica and minerals, before emerging at a soothing 38°C (100°F). Perfect for a relaxing and re-energising bathe." How much water sits inside the Blue Lagoon? Approximately 6 million liters, which is self-cleansing as it renews itself every 40 hours. How's that for amazing?

Whether you go in the Summer or the Winter, the temperature is generally 37-40°C (98-104°F), year-round. How's that for perfection?

Why is the Blue Lagoon so blue? I could attempt to explain that, but this is what the Blue Lagoon's website says:


The geothermal water has a unique composition, featuring three active ingredients – Silica, Algae & Minerals.

The blue colour comes from the silica and the way it reflects sunlight. During summer there can also be a hint of green in the water. This is the result of the algae, which multiplies quickly when exposed to direct sunlight.

However, and this might come as a surprise to you, the water is actually white. If you pour it into a transparent cup, it will always have a milky white colour. The sun simply makes it look blue!

Now it is true that while the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination for tourists in Iceland, it is not a natural wonder. It was created as an overspill pool for Svartsengi geothermal power station located nearby. No matter how you view the Blue Lagoon, it will always be an ideal destination to visit before proceeding to the airport.

What do you do at the Blue Lagoon? Relax! How's that for an answer? It's the one place you can go where you don't have any expectations and don't need to do anything special in order to relax.

Why go to the Blue Lagoon? The answer to the question is a simple one. Why not? If you're not driving and need a ride to the airport from Reykjavík, chances are you can get a transfer just as easily from your hotel, hostel, or flat to the Blue Lagoon and then onto the airport. Why not visit the tranquil blue waters, a byproduct of Iceland's great volcanic landscape, geothermal energy, and take in a few hours at the Blue Lagoon? You could argue against it, but I can't think of a reason not to go.

Once you get used to the idea of wandering about the Blue Lagoon, taking in the views, enjoying the hot water, and relaxing, then you can apply the silica mud mask from any of the pots located throughout the lagoon. Apply it to your face and body and let sit for at least five minutes before washing off. With my pale skin and bright red hair, I was hard to miss with the shocking white mask on my face. But no worries as there will always be someone looking a little bit stranger than you and no one seems to mind or notice. If you so desire, you can get an algae mask from the bar located inside the lagoon as a little something extra. Definitely try out the sauna and steam rooms, too. Like the rest of the facility, they are carved into the lava rock itself.

TSG Tip: You don't need to bring cash or your wallet inside the lagoon itself. Wristbands are connected to your account, the same wristband used to open and close your locker in the changing rooms. Purchases are added to your account by having your wristband scanned. Once you change back into your street clothes and get ready to leave, you'll have an opportunity to return your wristband and settle your account.

My skin always feels fantastic after I leave and I feel so relaxed and stress free. Beyoncé visited the Blue Lagoon in December with her husband, Jay-Z, but she isn't the only one getting star treatment. Everyone can feel like a superstar after a few hours in the sublime blue waters of the Blue Lagoon.

TSG Tip: Whatever you do, avoid letting your hair sit in the water too long. While the mineral rich water is great for your skin, your hair might end up feeling funky and dry. Either wear a swim cap, load up on conditioner before going in, or do like me and knot your hair up into a high pony tail to avoid problems. While you're at it, keep your jewelry off as the water can affect it in not the same positive way as it does your skin.

I had another amazing and enjoyable experience at the Blue Lagoon and intend to visit again on my next trip to Iceland. Next time I'll cover my amazing massage that I had while in the Blue Lagoon itself!

Blue Lagoon

240 Grindavík, Iceland

Phone: +354 420 8800

Web site:



From Airport to Blue Lagoon: 23 km (20 min by car)

From City Centre to Blue Lagoon: 47 km (50 min by car)


Latitude: N +63.881363 (63°52'52.9068"N)

Longitude: W -22.453115 (-22°27'11.214"W)


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As a writer, aspiring photographer, and full-time vegetarian and hopeful vegan, the world is a different place for me. Travel is in my blood and I love to write about and photograph the places I've visited. I'm traveling the world one city at a time and sharing what I've learned along the way, be it by cruise ship to the Caribbean, on land in Europe, or somewhere in between. Through humor, sarcasm, and honesty, I call it exactly as I see it so you always hear the truth. Follow me on my travels around the world as I shop, dine, and live life to the fullest.

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