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A Day Trip To Taj Mahal

"Who could ever think that an eternal love leading to the saga of infinite bondage can evolve out of a desert like land and would blossom to be the reason to gift our world a poem-in-marble, The Taj!"

So we met Ed from the UK who invited us to come along with him to see the very famous, must-see Taj Mahal.

After my little mistake of giving Ed my phone number although my phone wasn’t working, he somehow still managed to find our hostel with our driver… Only 45 minutes late J And after another hour of driving aimlessly (at least that’s how it felt) around Delhi we finally made it to the “Expressway” where we were headed to Agra with about 80 km/h. So all in all it took us about 5,5 hours to get to Taj Mahal, but it was totally worth it!

The Taj Mahal truly is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. Especially when you get to know that it took 22,000 workers 17 years to build the mausoleum (the white marble and most famous part of the Taj) and 5 years later the outlying gardens and buildings were finished. All in all it took them only 22 years to build the Taj Mahal. No machines, no technology. Every piece of marble handcrafted. After the tour we got to see how they did it – and still do it! For one tile the artist needs about 1 month. And the mausoleum is FULL of such tiles. They still make them and if you don’t travel with a backpack you should totally go buy one as a chopping board, tea table etc.

After walking around the Taj and being sqashed by all the other tourists there, we thought it was time for a well-deserved beer. So we had 3! And absolutely no food the whole day – imagine how much fun we had 🙂

To pass the long way home (Ed made the driver go 90 instead of 80 km/h) we played children’s games and slept a lot! It was a great day, we learned a lot! Especially that life as a female traveller is way easier when you’ve got a guy with you! Unfortunately Ed had to move on a few days later and we wish him all the best for his trip –we might see him again in Malaysia in a few months 🙂



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26 year old austrian girl travelling the world with her best friend and their own charity foundation. I ravelled on my own around Europe ( for the 5 months last year and but now Lisa and I are travelling around India and South East Asia to help make this world a better place and share this spirit with other people and raise awareness that just because we have a very good life doesn't mean eveyone else is in the same situation! And there are ways to help! After finishing school in 2009 I travelled around Australia / New Zealand / Fiji for one year before starting to work in project management back home in Austria to save up and fullfill my dream of travelling long term - and because travelling alone is not enough we've started the Where You'd Rather Be Foundation!

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