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Honeymoon Trip Exploring the Beach Paradise Treasuring Memories

A Honeymoon Trip Exploring the Beach Paradise Treasuring Memories

A honeymoon in some of the best travel destinations in the world is one dream that most of the girl would have of their married life. I too had a dream to explore the white sand beach destinations of Andaman with the love of my life or call the better half after the marriage, that one deep secret that only I and my best friend knew. After my marriage thing was different and we got so much occupied with the post-marriage rituals and ceremonies that we did not even have enough time to plan a honeymoon trip i.e., to be honest, we didn’t have a honeymoon. A whole year passed by and it was during our first anniversary that my husband handed over me a surprise gift which was a ticket to explore the beach capital Andaman. The flights were booked to the end of the month but still, I was a bit confused about the other arrangements like the stay and the many other things that would include in a 2nd honeymoon trip. Yes, it was more like a honeymoon trip to me as I have never been to one. Later that day my husband updated me with all the information regarding the trip which was scheduled to be on the last of the month and was organised by Andaman tour travel, a travel operator functioning from Kerala. And I was happy to know that it was not just a honeymoon trip for me it was the same for him too and thus he booked the Andaman honeymoon package which was customised i.e. we get to select the travel destinations that we were to explore during the honeymoon trip. The package we choose to travel did not include the travel expenses till Port Blair and so the honeymoon tour started from the time we reached Port Blair.

Day one: The Arrival day

After a long flight from Kolkata, we reached the Port Blair airport by morning where we met the representatives of the travel operators ready to welcome us. Actually, we were really tired of the flight and my phobia for flying did affect the travel. So we were taken to the hotel which was booked at Port Blair where we took a short rest and then resumed the honeymoon trip by around noon, soon after the lunch. Port Blair is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Andaman and is the capital city of the place which houses some of the best travel attractions in the land like the Cellular Jail, Samudrika Marine Museum, Mud Volcanoes, North Bay Island and more. The North Bay Island was one of the first destinations that we explored after arriving at Port Blair. The place was well known among the travellers and the honeymoon couples for the underwater corals and the beautiful marine life the place held within. Exploring the marine life was one thing I loved the most with the trip at Port Blair. Scuba diving was one of the adventures that we enjoyed together at the North Bay Island, exploring the beauty of the colourful marine life was a very different experience. The Samudrika Marine Museum was the other destination that did grab my attention and interest. The place has a number of highlights that did grab my attention. the blue whale skeleton that was preserved outside the museum, the different facts listed in the rooms like that of the volcanoes, tribes, different types of woods, insects and more, the exhibits of the underwater coral that was displayed in the 2nd room, the 3rd room filled with the beautiful and different coral reefs, the beautifully preserved varieties of Seashells and the tribal exhibits all were things that entertained and educated us to a greater extent. The cellular jail was the last travel destination that we had to explore at Port Blair. Mostly referred to as the Kaala Pani Jail, the cellular jail was one of the best historic destinations dating from the British rule that held within the brutal memories of the Indian freedom struggle. The cell was once used to punish the Indian freedom fighters in the most inhuman manners. We explored the place for a while and then moved back to the hotel after watching the light and sound show at the cellular jail. Our day at Port Blair ended with the dinner at the hotel.

Day two: Explore the adventures

It was the adventure day that is we were to explore some of the best adventures of Andaman. Even though for most of the couples honeymoon is all about romance, for us it was all about making the best memories together and enjoying the day to make it count. After having the breakfast we checked out of the hotel from Port Blair and then moved on to our next travel destination the Havelock island which was one best spot in Andaman were honeymoon couples could enjoy the best adventures of the land. After a boat ride to the Havelock Island, we checked into our hotel at the place and then refreshed so that we could start with our honeymoon adventures. The Havelock islands are one of the most explored travel destinations in Andaman Island and this is mostly because the place offers the travellers with almost all the adventures that are made available in the land. And so we are here to enjoy some of the best adventures of the Andaman Island. Scuba Diving, Swimming & Snorkelling, Elephant Ride, Bird Watching, Game Fishing, Kayaking, Trekking and more. as we already enjoyed the joy of  Scuba Diving we skipped the same in Havelock island and then choose to enjoy Swimming & Snorkelling, Game Fishing and Kayaking were all water adventures and it did not require swimming experience and that was one plus. Swimming and snorkelling were one of the best water adventures that I loved while in Andaman. The Radha Nagar beach was our destination for swimming and snorkelling. Gliding along the water exploring the deep blue sea and the different marine lives and plants in the place was one of the best and most amazing experiences that loved. The marine world in Andaman was something really different and unique with fishes of all colour combinations and different unique shapes. After being on the beach for a while exploring the beauty of the marine life we moved on with the next water sports Kayaking. It was one of the other best water adventures in Andaman that offered us with one of the other experience and the last was the game fishing where we get to catch a number of fishes from the sea just for fun. Lucky honeymoon couples would even get to catch fishes of great weight and size or shapes. By the time we got back to the mainland it was already evening and later we returned back to the hotel after watching a fascinating sunset.

Day three: Fly back home

It was our get back home day and all we had to do for the day was shopping in Havelock Island. After the breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and then started with the last day shopping. We didn’t show much all we brought was some fascinating tribal type clothes and then some artefacts made of shells so that we could gift it to our close friends and family. By the time we finished with the shopping, it was time for us to get back to Port Blair so as to catch the flight back home. And thus we waved bye to the honeymooner’s paradise and the travel operators who helped us enjoy the best honeymoon days in the land. The travel operators at the place were very helpful as they helped us include a number of activities into the package at the last moment which was not listed in the itinerary of the Andaman tour package we chose to travel with. We thanked them before taking the flight back home for all the wonderful service and help they did for us then we board the flight back home.

Dotted in the Bay of Bengal, completely covered with water from all the sides Andaman and Nicobar is one fascinating destination. The place, to be honest, is not all about adventures and nature. The place also holds with a number of great history and historic remains of the past. The cellular jail was one of the main among them that attracted the both of u the most. Listed as one of the must-visit travel destinations around the world by the national geographic travellers the travel destinations of Andaman and Nicobar island holds within great beauty and natural elements and wonders like that of the mud volcano and more. The honeymoon we enjoyed in Andaman was one of the best and worth remembering. With all that quench the thirst of any traveller, this fascinating beach destination is a must visit spot for all those travellers who love to indulge in the beauty of the virgin nature.

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