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Love You: Bangalore/Bengaluru!

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. –William Shakespeare

When I had a thought to write a blog post about my city, I was all excited like a little girl and quite depressed too because my city is not the same anymore like it was when I was a little girl. Being popular for its aweso”mistic” weather throughout the year and has always attracted people from all across the world to have a living here!

I was brought up in this city when there were still red buses, double decker buses, where traffic signals could be found only on few major areas like M.G.Road, trees welcoming you at every step you take, where we kids knew it was summer when we have summer holidays in school, where airport was in the city and we would go to wave at the plane when it takes off, where piggybacking on dad’s Bajaj scooter was more than fun, where all our houses had a garden to lie down to watch the constellations that was taught in school, where sparrows would nest in our house windows.

Now, me the same girl keeps cribbing about the traffic signals that are so long where I can make my life decisions, every step I take I see a pothole, shades of trees replaced by buildings (apartments, companies, flyovers), summers last for many months, airport is somewhere far to reach, ride on my scooter gives only a sore back all through the day, hardly can see any garden in front of the houses, where you just see the smoke instead of stars, where the sparrows have disappeared.

We were earlier living a life in Bengaluru, now we are just surviving! With all the cribbing and whining in hand, this city would never stop making me in fall in love with it every day I wake up. It is always the Love-Hate relationship I share with my city. A friend of mine visited and I was a traveler around my city for a day. Still in dilemma if I should refer as Bangalore or Bengaluru, with the entire dilemma, love-hate relationship, cribbing & whining about my city here is the view of my city through my 2 lens!

1. Stay in a Budget Hotel

With Bangalore/Bengaluru being one of the cities with costliest hotels, it would burn your pocket to stay in these hotels. Rather why not chose a budget stay, ZO Rooms are one of the best budget hotels that you can find in most of the major areas all across the city. Don’t forget to try the authentic Masala Dose in any of the restaurants.

2. Visit few Lakes

Every major corner of the city has one Lake Atleast; Bangalore/Bengaluru was also called as Lake City. Even though most of the lakes are now vanished, few of them have been severely polluted with sewage and few have been have been restored. These pictures are from Bellandur & Varthur Lake.

3. Get some fresh air amidst only greenery in LalBagh

LalBagh is a botanical garden which means Red Garden in English that has trees from France, Australia and many other countries which are even more than 100 years old. There is a rock, there is a lake, and there is a glass house. Everything in one place to rejuvenate yourself.

4. Tipu Palace & Bangalore Palace

The busiest area in Bangalore/Bengaluru is K R Market (Krishna Rajendra Market) which is also known as city market, it is too hard to believe that there is a palace hidden around this busy market. Tipu Sultan’s palace also called as summer place which was the residence for Tipu Sultan during summer, the palace is built using teak and is decorated all over with beautiful pillars. You can also get the glimpse of Kote Venkataramana Temple from the palace which was built in 17th century.

Although the entry fee to the Bangalore Palace is really high, we still had a glimpse on the palace. Surrounded by a big garden with horses gazing around and is currently owned by the King of Mysore.

5. Vidhana Soudha & High Court

Where Politics and the Law face each other, I still remember my school & college days I would travel on this road every day and I would see both of these buildings twice a day. I still never get bored of these two beauties to watch them, one with the white blood & the other with red blood.

6. M.G. Road

Take a walk near Metro Station on M.G. Road, a must visit place if you are in Bangalore. This place is dedicated to showcase the art like plays, painting exhibitions, and craft exhibitions. Luckily it was World tourism day on the day we visited; this place was all decked up with all the tourist attraction paintings; just like how I wanted. One of my favorite folk’s dance “Dollu Kunitha” blessed all my senses, which always awakens the dancer buried inside me.

7. Pub Hub

Bangalore/Bengaluru stands on the top list at the number of pubs in Asia, don’t forget to grab a beer in any one of the breweries. We grabbed a beer in Big Brewsky, with so many pubs and breweries around I have lots of favorites to name here.

I was a kid and I have loved you and you were too, I have grown up and changed and you have grown up and changed too! When you have accepted me the way I am, I also will! I always will.

You have given me shelter all these years,

With all the cribbing & whining I will still be yours.

My memories with you will never go in vain,

Every moment spent here has been locked in my vein.

Only death can separate the love we share,

I promise I bury myself here as I know it’s only you who care.


Wild Flower


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Always wanted to be a dancer but I didn't, Always wanted to be a traveler and now I am trying to feed the wanderlust in me! Currently working in a corporate company in the urge of quitting, its never too late!

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