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Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”

I mis-remember how the rest goes but these words of prose rise unbidden to my mind whenever I travel.

As my first post in this blog dedicated to travel I talk not about any exotic locale or cuisine. Nor about the different yet inherently same people you meet abroad. This post here is just about the sheer joy of giving in to wandurlust. A drug that not only broadens the mind but sharpens each and every sense in the body.

Step out of whatever mode of transportation got you to your destination. Eyes closed. Now sniff. Every place smells different (admittedly not very aromatic at times, but nevertheless). It seems as if the air itself exudes a smell – that’s the smell of freedom. From the world you live in and the life you lead.

Perk up those dainty ears. Hear that? That’s the sound of people like you living life a little bit differently. Those strands of gossip, those wisps of traffic, that muted tone of dissatisfied mumbles that people not on holiday mutter and above all that silence, those humdrum background sounds from your life absent here – unheard by all but you.

The wind that touches you here feels different so does the taste of it. It’s what you've been hungering for, for ages and has not been satiated yet. Hold on to that, that hunger is going to make you put your travel boots on next time. Now finally open your eyes – See that vista? That’s opportunity. The background for anecdotes to narrate. The canvas for colorful jokes and stories, the material for you to spin interesting yarns from.

[Note: Do not attempt a physical demonstration of the above at an Airport or train station. Probabilities are you will be put in a straight jacket and denied entry into city.]

What’s this got to do with travel you say – Nothing. Everything. Because travel goes beyond lists of things to do and see and eat that you can look up at the endless sites on the big wide web. Because writing about travel is like attempting to put all your senses together in a juicer and creating a slush of sights, sounds, smells and experiences. The result, in spite of the exotic mix of ingredients, might not be to everybody’s taste.

I will however attempt the seemingly impossible. And hope to have an audience out there that has a stomach for it. As the rant above suggests, my future posts will be extremely random, but about actual locations and experiences. I think.


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writer. thinker. dreamer.

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