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Coffee & Pepper

We had decided to spend a few days in Kakkabe which is an area of Karnataka that boasts large areas of coffee plantations. Having been dropped off from our bus in the middle of nowhere and directed to walk up a dusty side road we came across a guest house that thankfully had a room for us. The very welcoming owner gave us full permission to wander his coffee fields which we were grateful for but a little surprised at his defensive attitude when we told him of the King Cobra we encountered one morning. He assured us that no such creature existed on his land but we knew otherwise.

The great treat of our stay was when he told us that his coffee plants would be in flower the next morning and that we were lucky as they only lasted for two days. True to his word we woke to find the scenery in front of our room covered in a white blanket of flowers and the scent of jasmine filled the air.

We walked out again through the floral plantation and came across another surprise. An additional income for the area is found from the pepper that grows on vines throughout the fields and the pickers were perched high on their ladders searching out the corns and filling their sacks. Kakkabe is a beautiful and fascinating area and well worth the extra effort of getting there.

My partner Carol and I set off on a 400 day long trip around the Indian Subcontinent. Travelling mainly by local bus it proved to be an extraordinary adventure as we rubbed shoulders with many interesting people and visited fascinating places. We travelled through Sri Lanka, much off India and into Nepal and wrote the book Cardamom Days upon which my blog is based. We wanted the trip to be extraordinary and extraordinary is what it proved to be.

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