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8 Essentials For A Perfect Road Trip In India

In the recent times in India, I have seen a lot of people have initiated on going on a road trip. Or may be I am the one who has observed this in recent times. Either way, there is no denying that a road trip today is far more popular than what it was, say a decade back. And there are not many today, who can resist from experiencing it. The mode of transportation doesn’t really matter, be it the classic & all-powerful Royal Enfield Bullets or their personal 4 wheelers. For a grand experience to be felt, it is inevitable that you do careful planning, including a lot of research on a lot of aspects. I have myself been on the road for about 5,000 Kms and made some mistakes. I give you below the 8 essentials for a successful & rewarding road trip, especially from an Indian context:

Want To Have A Perfect Road Trip In India ??? Follow These 8 Essentials…

Local Currency

The first and the most obvious essential for a road trip in India. Before you embark on this trip, do some research & get to know what’s this gonna cost you. Once you are on the road, do note that India is still not reached a stage where our villages & towns do the card transactions. There may not be ATMs even for miles together. So, always carry enough cash, for emergency. I always carry cash, despite swiping my card wherever possible – such that the cash can used only where card is not accepted.

Vehicle Repairs & Upkeep

In order to avoid any breakdown of your vehicle on the road, ensure that you do proper servicing of your vehicle, some days prior to your trip. This will not only ensure you have a great time, you won’t waste unnecessary time in fixing things, finding a mechanic, losing a lot of money due to scarcity of mechanics on the road and overall dampening of moods. If some kind of breakdown still happens – that was beyond your control – enjoy that as well ! And yes, do not forget your vehicle documents.

Maps & GPS System

While you may have definitely done some great research, it would do well to carry a map and also a GPS system with you for any road trip in India. India is a vast and complex country, with a lot of adventures happening anytime, including not finding street boards or signs, sometimes not finding the roads at all for miles at stretch. It’s fun but let’s not make it troublesome. What say ?

Eatables During Road Trip

Having some healthy snacks is always good. While you can be sure of the availability of tea in India even in the remotest of corners, the same cannot be said about good food. Biscuits, Cookies, Cashews, Nuts, Dry Fruits etc will prevent stomach upset as well.

Some Awesome Music PlayList

Listening to some great music is the best therapy possible. Imagine you are slow-riding the curves in the mountains and an awesome song plays in and you suddenly imagine about your, your life, how you stand nowhere in the Universe and that life is to be lived in it’s present ! There is nothing better than this. Besides, mood swings during journey will get compressed due to music.


Going anywhere in the world without a camera is like horrible, really ! You need to capture special moments of your close ones as well as the nature & it’s beauty, which will then be your memory for years to come. Selfies have become a craze these days and good that it has.

First Aid Kit, Toiletries & Other Essentials

For any major or minor medical emergency, a First Aid Kit comes in really handy for the first line of treatment, before you reach the hospital. So, never underestimate the importance of this kit and always check the expiry dates of the products which are a part of this kit. Additionally, also have toiletries like napkins, facewash, soaps, cleaning wipes, shampoo, hand sanitizer, mobile chargers, comfortable footwear etc.

Willingness To Enjoy Uniqueness

India is a land like no other. If there is one nation that can give you a wholesome experience on it’s culture, customs, traditions, uniqueness, quirkiness, adjustments… it’s INDIA. Take a road trip here and feel it yourself. Don’t judge, just go with the flow. Be willing to accept what comes and you never know, you may end up seeing so many different things… You might as well end up becoming a wise person !

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