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Stay in friday night, go out saturday morning

Should I have that drink and be the fun girl or should I be a boring girl, leave the party, go home, sleep and wake up at an insanely hour to go sailing!

With the drink sitting in front of me, it seemed like a tough decision. But finally the wanderer in me won! I hailed a cab and left. Still wondering if I’d made the right decision, I guess like most of us, I suffer from serious FOMO (fear of missing out).

But missing out an opportunity to sail to Alibaug from Bombay, seemed scarier, than missing a fun night out.

Getting into bed wasn’t hard, waking up at 5 am was!

But I managed.

The excitement was building. I was going sailing! (I had no idea what it really meant). It looked fun, sounded cool and was my next unplanned adventure.

I got dressed, made a bunch of sandwiches, grabbed my sweatshirt, forgot the sandwiches and was on my way!

After all the rushing, I reached a bit too early.

I sat there, worrying if I was in the right place, was I too late, had they left me, why aren’t they answering the phone?

When crew member one – Anisha showed up and soon we were both worrying together. Where was Pranav, was he going to make it, were we going to miss the sunrise?

10 minutes or so later he pulled up in a cab too.

And then all the half an hour of waiting seemed like unimportant minutes.

We were ready to go!

As we waited at the edge of the docks a tiny, tiny boat pulled up.

Was that the sailboat? Where’s the sail?

Thankfully it wasn’t, it was just dinghy that would get us to the slightly larger sailboat.

As we got on, we were joined by our fourth companion: the most charismatic Tindal. Who was convinced that we were all babbling morons.

Step by step he instructed us, and we turned the tiny rickety boat into a sailboat that would hopefully not capsize. The sail went up, the rudder went down, the ropes were tied all right.

And off we went, catching the wind in our sails, gaining speed and some courage.

We were busy trying to learn everything sailing in one ride when nature decided to interrupt and get us to shut up!

The sun was coming up, and it was unbelievably gorgeous, it peeked out of the horizon and cast an orange reflection all across the ocean. Outlining our path. It got stronger and higher and painted the entire sky a riot of yellow and orange and wow.

And just when we thought “it doesn’t get better that this”

It did.

In the middle of the rhythmic sound of the waves and our boat cutting through them, we heard a splash, we looked about surprised. What was it?

And then we saw it! It was a dolphin! Not just one, but TWO!

I couldn’t believe it! I was in Bombay, sailing to Alibaug, the sky was a crazy shade of take your breath away wow and now there were dolphins casually swimming alongside our sailboat!

Right there, somewhere in between Bombay and Alibaug, I realized something and promised myself I would try not to forget.

Life is always giving us a choice.

Go out Friday night or stay in instead and going out Saturday morning.

Disconnect from social circles for a bit to connect with yourself.

Be the loser that says no to “fun” plans because you’re saving money for a trip.

Have the courage to sacrifice the things you think are big to figure what the big things really are.

Because living the someday life isn’t that hard, its not living the everyday life, that we feel so socially compelled to, that’s the hard part.



Profile photo of Dhwani Ganjawala

Ex- advertising creative director, traveller, dreamer, wanderer,writer on sabbatical discovering the world outside my own little one. My new found love for travel takes me to places outside my comfort zone and leaves me wondering how wrong i had gotten life this whole time.

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