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Preserved frescos in Nawagarh

Nawagarh is a small town in the state of Rajasthan, India, whose main attractions are the many Havelis found there. These buildings were the homes to the many rich traders who travelled the silk route before it was closed due to the partition of India and Pakistan which effectively put an end to the town's wealth. What makes these buildings particularly special are the fresco paintings that adorn both the inside and outside walls. These were commissioned by the owners as a sign of wealth and were produced by way of competition to indicate which of the traders were the wealthiest. Sadly most are now in a state of disrepair and many have been destroyed as owners with little or no interest in the legacy of their forefathers have plastered and painted over some while others just crumble from the walls. A handful of the houses though have been protected and restored as living museums and their splendour is preserved for all to see.


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My partner Carol and I set off on a 400 day long trip around the Indian Subcontinent. Travelling mainly by local bus it proved to be an extraordinary adventure as we rubbed shoulders with many interesting people and visited fascinating places. We travelled through Sri Lanka, much off India and into Nepal and wrote the book Cardamom Days upon which my blog is based. We wanted the trip to be extraordinary and extraordinary is what it proved to be.

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