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Bollywood spectacle at Kingdom of Dreams

New Delhi, 5 April, 2015: A Bollywood odyssey. A live show dipped in tales of love, deceit, revenge and victory; and another live show loaded with comedy and drama; a child’s show with edge-of-your-seat dazzle and much more. Entertainment redefined.

Step into the dazzling world of India’s only live entertainment spectacle – Kingdom of Dreams – for a wholesome dose of Bollywood drama and children fantasy. Come, sit back and relax and take back truck loads of memories to cherish.

Kingdom of Dreams is the only place which runs the world’s longest running live entertainment shows – Zangoora and Jhumroo. This was astonishing to know and I was slightly perplexed when told about it. This is a perfect tourist destination at the heart of Gurgaon, not too far from Delhi’s domestic and international airport. Tucked away in Gurgaon’s Sector 29, near the Leisure Valley Park this is equally connected with the Delhi’s transport lifeline – the metro. It’s a short walk from the IFFCO Metro that can take one to the heart of the city.

A weekend to spend amidst the luxurious environs and watching the magical shows at Nautanki Mahal couldn’t have been better. The live shows package a magical blend of artistry, drama, storytelling, production quality, technological splendour, and human touch. What’s more – they give you audio translators in English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French and Spanish. Infants up to two years are not allowed to enter the shows due to high sound levels. However, you can easily keep them at their free crèche facility.

I watched Zangoora and Jhumroo and sampled few delectable cuisines at the uber-cool Culture Gully; but here’s my list of the ‘Top Four Things to Do’ if you are at Kingdom of Dreams on your next Delhi trip or vacation.

Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince

Zangoora is a fantasy tale in the fictional land of Shaktishila. It’s a tale of personal struggle, battle, love and war in this kingdom of Shaktishila; and how a gypsy boy Zangoora takes revenge of his father’s killers.

That’s not all. Didn’t I say, Bollywood means drama? You would find ample dose of it in this play. The theatrical show has an interesting twist of love triangle and would keep you hooked on to your seat for a couple of hours. In addition, grooving to the plot is a mix of ensemble cast, with a dash of song and dance spectacle,

Once done, I took a lazy stroll within the beautifully designed environs of Kingdom of Dreams to wait for the next show of Jhumroo.


Jhumroo is a musical comedy that is filled with endless dose of laughter. It revolves around a story of a young man Bhola who aspires to be a popular singer like his idol and iconic singer, the late Kishore Kumar.

Bhola day dreams to be like his iconic idol Kishore Kumar. He is an eyesore to his father and boss while failing to do his usual duties. In his office, he has his eyes on the new intern Meena, whom he dreams to woo. In this hilarious tale of trial and error, one comes to witness the musical genius of Kishore Kumar’s songs relived through this young man’s dreams.

The plot keeps you engaged with its heady mix of comic timing and romance in its two hour journey. Watch it to know how Bhola enters a musical competition and ultimately reaches the finals. Will he or won’t he win the finals? You have to watch it to know.


Well, I skipped this show due to lack of time, but make sure you watch it with your kids and children. An exciting tale of ‘Good’ vs ‘Evil’, this is one play, you can watch with your entire family. Make sure, your kids don’t miss this show. .

Culture Gully

After an action-packed entertaining day, watching Zangoora and Jhumroo, I move to the most interesting part of Kingdom of Dreams. Perfect for food connoisseurs and gastronomic lovers, Culture Gully is the place to be. It is a foodies’ paradise.

It has delectable cuisines from 14 state pavilions of the country. If you like the spicy mix of North Indian food, you have Dilli’s pavilion; if you prefer masala dosas and utthapams, head to the Karnataka or Kerala pavilion; you would also find authentic Assamese cuisine at Assam and Bengal’s flavors at the West Bengal pavilion.

Tucked within an air conditioned boulevard, Culture Gully has more to offer. You could do a handful of shopping from its outlets, selling ethnic products and attires or rich aromatic cosmetics. If you want to just sit and relax, head to the Massage centre for a rejuvenating and relaxing massage therapy. Get yourselves revitalized and recharged and head back after a fun-packed day.

By this time, it was already 10 in the night and I had to catch an early morning flight the next day. I quickly had ‘fried rice with prawns’ at the Calcutta pavillion and rushed back home.


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Amit M Sengupta is a travel blogger and photographer based out of India. He is the founder of, an independent travel and luxury blog.Amit's blogs have appeared in national and international travel websites including Huffington Post, US-based 'The Gen Y Not', and India's travel portals such as 'Holidify' and 'Padhaaro'. He stays at New Delhi with his wife and son and tweets at @travelflat

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