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5 Must-Have Apps For Travelers in India

Travelers have always found it challenging to step into new boundaries. Not only this, many of those who have a strong desire to see the world often miss on the wandering endeavors on pretext of not knowing the place well-enough. It’s always an option to hire a tour guide to get things done, but what if you don’t have to depend on such kind of deal.

Is it easy to roam in a stranger place and not even fear, maybe not, but these apps make your life much easier without altering your trip plans (and well giving you the true essence of visiting a random place).

1. Google Maps

If you’re traveling by yourself and plan to not just walk in hotel lawns or drive, then this can prove to be of great benefit. With the GPS on your phone, and knowing beforehand where you actually want to go this can surely take you there. And in case you have lost your location, well again, it can take you back to the desired location.

Other navigation apps include BackCountry Navigator GPS, CoPilot GPS, GPS Navigator Be-On-Road and so on.

2. Better Translator Pro

If you are in a foreign land, there are high chances that you will face communication issues with the natives. Especially in a country like India, no single language is a way-out. While you will see many people speaking Hindi in North India, in the Northeast and Southern parts of India no one will have a clue on Hindi too. Better Translator Pro uses Google and Bing Translators and can translate over 50 languages.

Other translation apps include Jibbigo, iTranslate, Tourist Language learn & speak amongst others.

3. TripAdvisor

Rooms might not seem as important for one travels to be outside rooms, but then you own a well-kept room after an entire day venturing outside. TripAdvisor is the largest community of travelers (with 60 million travelers registered) and gives first-hand feedback on local hotels, restaurants, tourist destination and other domains of traveling. The app has performed consistently for several years and is most people’s first choice when they face dilemmas over regular travel things.

4. Apps for Local Travel

Depending on how you are traveling in a city there are many available application software to ease out things for travelers. If one is commuting between cities by train facility then IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Cooperation) is something that comes handy. It tells about the PNR status, any delays or cancellation in the schedule and other questions pertaining to train travel. Within a city there are three possible ways to cover distances, cabs, buses and metro (wherever applicable). For good deals in cab services Ola and Uber works well; for facilitating bus rides apps like Redbus are suitable. There’s a metro app available which details out the number of stations, approximate time for travel, fare and nearby places of interest.

Looking at a broader perspective, for information on international flight schedules FlightTrack is a great app, whereas for domestic flights one can download the app of airlines they are traveling by.

5. BookMyShow

To put it in one way, travel is a kind of entertainment from boring, dull life. But, well there are conventional ways to entertain oneself and you can find all those creative aspects, be it theatre, lyrical or dance performances, movie show timings or concerts, on this one app. Basically it keeps you updated with what hot is happening in the town.

And this brings to the end of this list, though there are many apps that can help you manage your travel efficiently. Be it a memo to make a list, or a Travel Journal, or Whatsapp Messenger, or a good photo editing app or Snapchat. Well, there are so many and all hail to the improving technology and excellent programmers. In any case, they do make like easier and the world accessible.


Profile photo of Rohit Agarwal

Rohit is a travel enthusiast and has explored various corners of India. His travel diaries include journey via all possible modes be it bullock-carts or luxurious cars. Moreover, he feels that this is the way to true adventure.

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