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7 Different Options For Your Honeymoon

After the perfect wedding day you hope to take the trip of your life for your honeymoon. They are various places you can go for your honeymoon, but first you should decide what type of honeymoon you want to take. This will help you decide where you want to go. A honeymoon should not be based on the vacation you have always wanted to take, but the essence of beginning the rest of your life with your new partner. Select a location that can help you relax, enjoy adventure and maybe check of some bucket-list items. All of these things are different for everyone, so based on your personalities the following list can help narrow done the type of honeymoon you should take.

1. Beach

A beach honeymoon is very common and places like Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean offer you just the right location for that. If you want to lay on a beach, get a tan, relax and enjoy the water with a drink any of these places will fit your bill. They all offer different plans to fit your budget as well with beach resorts. You cannot go wrong with a beach honeymoon!

2. Adventure

For those individuals that are adventurous and enjoy the rush of adrenalin, there are plenty of honeymoons to fulfill your desire. Some include zip-lining in Costa Rica, mountain climbing in the Alps or Mount Kilimanjaro, hiking the Appalachian Trail, a visit to the Gobi Desert or an African Safari. These will leave you with long lasting memories of adventures together that will last a lifetime. For adrenaline junkies, now is the time to do something big.

3. Vineyard and Winery

A vineyard and winery honeymoon is educational and simply relaxing. For those that love wine and enjoy learning and tasting wine will love this type of honeymoon. There are thousands of wineries that offer bed and breakfasts. Most are in locations that offer nearby historic attractions and nightlife activity. These can be very romantic honeymoons.

4. Cruise

A cruise is a common honeymoon plan because you have endless food options, destination adventures, entertainment on board and plenty of other activities to keep you going for a week. A cruise is romantic with massages, exclusive excursions, and the opportunity to be as pampered as you want. You have the option to be as spontaneous as you want on a cruise, by choosing to plan excursions at the ports or you can simply sight see at each location. The choice is yours. You also have the ability to select warm or cold climate cruises.

5. Road Trip

Road trips can be exceptionally fun for couples. Some love the idea of getting to visit as many states as they can. A road trip allows you to see some of the most historic places in the world. You can make this as spontaneous or as planned as you want, but either way it can be a very fun adventure for new spouses.

6. Ski Resort

For those individuals that love the cold weather and enjoy snowboarding and skiing a ski resort may be the perfect place for you. You can get your snowboarding and skiing in during the day followed by a cozy fire with snow falling at night for a romantic end to each day. A ski resort is adventurous and romantic giving you the best of both worlds. Cozy up with a warm cup of hot chocolate to set the mood for an evening of romance.

7. City

Paris, New York, Washington DC or San Francisco are fantastic locations for those that enjoy the city landscape with endless possibilities of things to do. The busy and crowded cities offer you museums, parks, shopping, eating, shows and plenty of opportunities to sight see and explore. If you looking for a honeymoon filled with this to do a City Honeymoon may be the perfect option for you.


Profile photo of Rohit Agarwal

Rohit is a travel enthusiast and has explored various corners of India. His travel diaries include journey via all possible modes be it bullock-carts or luxurious cars. Moreover, he feels that this is the way to true adventure.

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