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Introduction to the art of walking

At different times in the past different art forms have had their pinnacle. This is the age for traveling. My approach to this art is by foot.

Writing and rewriting this piece in my head I was wondering if there is a word for "love for walking", walk-o-philia shall we call it? Sounds like some medical condition. Then I wondered if it is walking with a purpose or walking for the sake of walking. I vote for walking for the heck of it. For the pure pleasure of it.

Getting back to looking for a name for it, I evaluated walk-e-ling for the idea of traveling by foot. But it sounded a little preposterous.

To elaborate on the idea, it is not walking to reach a destination but walking to absorb the place, walking to peek into the world, walking to read a place, walking to begin a conversation. Walking around a city is one of the best ways to keep space for stories to happen. What more does a traveler look for?

I have always thought these 10 things one should do, 5 things one shouldn't do, 3 things that tell you this, kind of posts fascinating. They are an epitome of the world we live in today, where we do not have time to complete anything and look for bullet points for everything in life. Walking is exactly the opposite of this.

Walking is to be lost, walking is to be unaware of time, walking is to not plan and leave things to chance.

I traveled 20 countries in three months, all the pages of my passport are over… on and on…are we in some kind of competition…

I understand the transient lives we live, one doesn't know what is in store tomorrow but still I would love my walk, undisturbed.

Walking is a way of life, it is to slow down and be okay with it, it is to not be in the race and be comfortable with it, it is to be lost and enjoy being lost.

Walking is like this article, with no beginning or end….

I think if there is one ideology that I would propagate it would be walking.

For all those bullet point seeking people, here are a few

For all the travelers and not so travelers, the next time you are at a place or you are not at a place, choose a road with no reason and walk until you feel like coming back, talk to the world around…

I have a lot of stories of infinite random walks, more to come, after a brief walk ….


Profile photo of Yamini Krishna C

This part I'm sure keeps changing by the minute. For now I have a day job for financial needs. Indulge in Art, travel, reading, writing and walking for the major part of life. I walkas I cross the puddles of mudI walkas I cross the fallen branches of the treeI walk through the landscapesI walk through timeI walklike a ghost who walkstouched by all that she seesyet untouched by themAs they pass through hersplitting her into piecesand she pieces herself togetheras she walks

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