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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In India

Couples are often spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a decent honeymoon destination. It is not easy to narrow down on a small list of top honeymoon destinations in India, given the diverse geography of the country.There are too many stunning locales in India – verdant forests, flourishing villages, soothing hill stations, mesmerizing water bodies, pristine beaches, happening cosmopolitans, and offbeat destinations. No wonder, it gets confusing most of the times.

To solve this endless confusion, here are the top, most romantic 10 honeymoon destinations in India which also provide perfect honeymoon Package. These are the places that dreams are made of – shimmering beaches, lush green mountains, spellbinding sunsets, breezy evening, and utmost serenity and privacy for the newly wed couples.

1. Goa – The DON of all beach destinations in India

Glossy seashells, cool breeze, peculiar sea aroma, and torrential seawaves – this is the ‘normal’ setting for your honeymoon in Goa. For people growing up in metropolitans and hill-stations of North India, Goa is a like a fresh breath of air. Coastal food, casual life-style, beach parties, never-ending carnival like mood, and numerous fun activities make Goa the king of all honeymoon destinations in India.

Special experiences for couples on Goa honeymoon package:

Water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, and fly-boarding are must trys.

You can charter a private yacht and head out on a little exploration of your own with your bae.

You can arrange for secluded beach dinners which will definitely set your mood going, instantly.

2. Andaman Islands – Where seclusion and serenity are the USPs

Nestled in the Andaman Sea, the Andaman Islands are a set of numerous islands and islets, 527 to be specific. Andaman is the proverbial birthplace of snorkelling and scuba diving in India. Not very commercialized, the sceneries of Andaman are still unharmed by human presence, to a very large extent. Glass-bottomed boats, ferries, and helicopters are your only modes of transport from one island to another. And the beautiful sea is always there, staring at you, making you feel amazing on your beach honeymoon in India.

Special experiences for couples on Andaman honeymoon:

Day tours to Ross and Smith Island, Chidiya Tapu, and North Island are good options for couples on honeymoon in A ndaman.

Watch the amazing sunset at Radhanagar Beach – the most beautiful beach of Asia as claimed by Lonely Planet. Also, sunrise at Kalapathar Beach is equally st unning.

Go on a kayaking expedition to witness ethereal planktons in the Andaman Sea.

3. Srinagar – The proclaimed heaven on earth

Srinagar is the ultimate honeymoon destination in India for couples from South. Towering cedar trees, aromatic spice gardens, pearly white snow, spell-binding locales, rustic mountains, romantic Dal Lake, and flourishing gardens are synonymous with Srinagar. One of the most beautiful hill-stations in India, Srinagar – no wonder – has made its place to the list of top 10 honeymoon destinations in India.

Special experiences for couples on Srinagar honeymoon :

A shikara stay in one of the houseboats of Srinagar is a sure shot way to enjoy your honeymoon in Srinagar.

Candle-light ‘Wazwaan’ for just the two of you is the key to a romantic evening in Srinagar

An orchard tour or a chalet stay in one of the orchards can give your honeymoon in Srinagar a whole new definition.

4. Udaipur – The royal way to marital bliss

The royal richness is what sets Udaipur apart from other honeymoon places in India. Heritage hotels, horse-drawn carriage, shikara ride in lakes, multi-course royal meals, rich decor, and extremely hospitable staff are the things to expect on your Udaipur honeymoon. High palaces and austere havelis are all welcoming and experiential in royal way.

Special experiences for couples on Udaipur honeymoon:

An hour long ride in Lake Pichola to see the grandeur of Jag Mandir Palace is surreal for couples.

If you are not hesitant to shell out some extra bucks then book a vintage car for the day and head out to explore the city on fire with your soul-mate.

A camel-back ride through the desert is what is needed to add that rustic, true Rajasthani charm to your honeymoon in Udaipur.

5. Alleppey – Call of the wind from the South

A retreat for mind, body, and soul – Alleppey has its own standing in the list of top honeymoon destinations in India. From soothing couple therapies amazing houseboat stays, Alleppey has a lot to offer to honeymoon couples. You can enjoy the traditional Kerala stay or go for an ultra luxurious stay, but it is recommended that you indulge in authentic cuisine of the place. Wafting aromas of herbs and spices used in your dish will make your food more devourable than ever before.

Special experiences for couples on Alleppey honeymoon:

Enjoy a couple's massage therapy to indulge your senses to the level of pure bliss. The experience is said to be extremely romantic and amazing.

Stay on a houseboat for one night and enjoy the amazing views of backwaters of Alleppey, right from the window of your room, or houseboat, as you may say.

Take a walk on any of the secluded beaches of Alleppey and share precious moments with your life partner.

6. Darjeeling – Heaven tea, coffee, and nature lovers

Aromatic coffee gardens, beautiful tea plantations, and charming locales are the highlights of Darjeeling. Extremely beautiful stomping ground in addition to its simple people calls people from all over the place for a memorable honeymoon in Darjeeling. While the place is modest, there are still no bounds of luxury too. Famous for its bungalow stays and tea plantation, it is one of the best places to enjoy your initial days of marital bliss.

Special experiences for couples on Darjeeling honeymoon:

Forget the hotel stay, go for a traditional bungalow stay in a tea garden to enjoy your Darjeeling honeymoon to the fullest.

Trek to the Tiger Hill to witness of the much-talked about sunrises in the world. While the beauty is simply amazing, the surreal experience of touching the first ray of the sun is sensory overload in itself. Highly recommended for honeymooners in Darjeeling.

Take a ride in the famous toy train of Darjeeling and relive your favorite moments from the song – Kasto Mazza Hai Lelaima – Parineeta fame.

7.Manali – One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Himachal

Manali is the king of all hill-stations in India. Chirping campers, cuddling love birds, shy honeymooners, and bustling families can be seen all around Manali. However, the tag of being the most popular honeymoon destination is India to Manali has been graced for a reason. Its amazing beauty and fun activities attract honeymooners from all over India. Whenever people think of a honeymoon on hills, people by default think of a honeymoon in Manali.

Special experiences for couples on Manali honeymoon:

Stay in a treehouse in Manali and get the real feel of this beautiful hill-station in the finest way.

Partake in fun adventure activities like paragliding, skiing, horse-riding, snowball fighting, etc. and spend the time of your life with your new partner.

Go out on a nature trek or a morning trek to face the beauty of beautiful Himalayas with your bae.

8. Gir – Experience of the wilds

What better way to start your marital life with a dash of adventure mixed in with beauty and par excellence experience. Full of culture and flourishing location, Gir is an ideal retreat for couples who want to spend their honeymoon in the middle of wilderness. Predators and prey attract such people. If you are one of them, then just stick to Gir for an amazing experience.

Special experiences for couples on Gir Forest honeymoon:

Have breakfast in the wild, by the river side, and cherish the morning rays lying by the side of your soul mate.

Spend a night in a luxury camping tent in Gir and spend the time reminiscing about your cherishable memories and prominent decisions. Also, you may hope for an encounter with the Lion King.

Go on a lion safari and witness the beauty of the wilds along with lion pride, here and there.

9. Ooty – The most famous hill-station of the south

If Manali is the king, then Ooty is believed to be the queen of hill-stations. Its all-throughout pleasant days and cool nights make the environment perfect for cuddling and cozying with your partner. Clouds flocking to your your hotel room and cool breeze welcoming you time and again make your honeymoon seem like a dream sequence from a movie.

Special experiences for couples on Ooty honeymoon:

Live on a houseboat in Ooty Lake, for an experience of floating atop the water, surrounded by mountains. But not as commercialized and crowded as that of its counterparts.

A stroll to various rose gardens in Ooty is the ultimate thing to do on your honeymoon in Ooty.

Take a ride in Nilgiris Toy Train and experience the hill-station from a whole new perspective. Beautiful sceneries dashing through the windows will make your expedition romantic and memorable.

10. Leh Ladakh – Honeymoon, the profound way!

Experience of a honeymoon in Leh is unmatchable and unsurmountable. Paths cut out of rocks, quaint villages on road side, Tibetan monasteries on every turn, and surreal beauty of the station are the stories that make way to the hearts of honeymooners in Leh Ladakh.

Special experiences for couples on Leh Ladakh honeymoon:

Brave the roads and visit the beautiful Pangong Tso Lake of 3 Idiots fame. The beauty of this lake is simply ethereal.

Go on a camel ride in Nubra Valley and marvel at this natural wonder of a desert in the middle of lofty mountains.

Explore the town and nearby areas on a bike and add adventure to your honeymoon trip to Leh. That way, instead of just being romantic, your trip will be a romantic adventure.


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I believe travelling is the foundation of my personality. It gives me opportunities yet streamlines my choices, brings me closer to the world yet allows solitude, identifies my weaknesses yet enhances my strengths.Coming from the land of diversity, India, I have always handpicked destinations which offer a multitude of experiences in terms of culture, people as well as sightseeing.

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