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A Meeting with King Ashoka

Kanaganahalli in Sannathi, a nondescript village at the bank of Bhima River in north Karnataka regin. A great emperor left his mark here several centuries ago who shaped the history of Buddhism in India. I am talking about Emperor Ashok of Maurya dynasty, whose sculpture is dating back to the Ashokan periods depicts the monarch surrounded by queens and courtesans. And this is arguably the sole surviving port trait of the “Chakravartin”. The Archeological Survey of India excavated the remains of Buddha stupa. It is belived that the emperor sent his son Mahinda and daughter Sanghamitra as his emissaries to spread Buddhism in that region.

According to ASI, the Ashokan edict was found in the Chandralamba temple when the roof collapsed and shattered the ideal of old deity. Written in Brahmi script and in Prakrit language, the edict placed right at the entrance in Sannathi and speaks of religious tolerance.

The site is treasure trove and most priceless treasure belongs to Ashoka himself. A broken portrait of king with his queens is lies away from the main Stupa beneath the shelter of a tree. It is said to be very first inscribed panel of King Ashoka to be discovered in India.


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Almost two year ago when I start thinking about travel I had a shortsighted view of what I should attempt to do. I was an entrepreneur, just passed through a critical phase of life, and a level of dissatisfaction with the nearly perfect life. To achieve my objects I had worked so hard, although it gave me happy movements, but never blessed me with an impressive personality or a full frontal lobotomy. I didn’t get happy; As a young professional I was missing all the thing or about love, balance, meaning, but I had no idea what they were called or where to look for them. I was searching something else, a way? An idea about what was important. I decided to blow it all up and do the things which I really wanted to do. For one, changing carrier can be a karmic kick in the butt. So, in February 2011, I started looking. I moved from one city to another, and that was all it took. “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.” This was the little thing that was holding me back all that time. My life will not apart if I do things differently. Anyway, it took me a stupidly long time to realize that but then it unlocked several doors. I started my carrier in writing. I gave myself permission to try and fail at every step that result me something positive. For me, healthiest thing which I have ever done was broken up with my past memories, habits, some friends and others. Now I am writing crappy pitches to glossy magazines, surprisingly writing some awful short travel stories, scraping by making a living, just starting a blog, taking picture and roaming many destin

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