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10 things you must do and visit in Bali

Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Australian people: after all who would not want to spend the winter on a tropical island just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful ocean?

This is exactly what most Australian people like to do: spend their winter’s holiday under a hot Balinese sun.

Not only do Australians like the beautiful, baking days on a dazzling Indonesian beach, but it also appeals to the thousands of backpackers that are working, traveling or studying around Australia. In fact, a lot of backpackers work in Australia to save money for traveling around Asia. And Bali is one of the prime destinations for them to go. “Where should I go and what should I do if I don’t have more than two weeks in Bali then???” I’ll let you know 10 things to do if you don’t have heaps of time to stay.

1. Travel around the island with a motorbike

First of all you must rent a motorbike. Not a simple one like a scooter (even if they are more comfortable).

You will enjoy riding a motorbike much more than a scooter because even without a drivers license you can legally drive a bike with up to 150 piston displacement!

If you are in Kuta on the main road of Jl Legian street, you’ll notice how many bike rentals you can find, but be careful: they’ll always try to ask you 20 AUD Australians dollars (around 200.000 rupees) instead 15 AUD (which is much closer to the right price). You can haggle the price down by saying that you’ll rent with another company (it's really easy to convince them). Gasoline is better to buy on the street: you can find peddlers everywhere. You will see them because they are next to the roads selling gasoline inside of Absolute vodka bottles. The price should not be over 70 AUD cents (7.000 rupees).

Once you get the bike you should go out of Kuta because the traffic is heavy and really annoying. I suggest you travel around the island and not stay in the cities the whole time. Remember: most places worth visiting are within easy travel distance if you have a bike.

2. Drink the Kopi Luwak

If you are in Ubud you just need to ask a local and they’ll bring you to try the most expensive coffee on the planet! This is a coffee defecated from the Luwak animal (Which in my opinion looks like a big ferret). After the Luwak defecates the coffee beans, the local people will take care of every single bean by hand. In addition to the kopi Luwak (the only one you must pay to try) they will offer you a free variety of different coffees from their production.

3. Scubadiving and snorkeling

Not just in Bali, but also on the islands around it, you can find some beautiful barrier reefs that you can not miss! In Kuta or Ubud you can find some small travel agencies with amazing prices hidden down secondary streets. If you already have an open water license, you can find prices between AUD 100-120 for two people to go diving.

For snorkeling you can do it by yourself or you can pay to go in the best places: prices always change depending where you are (for all-day with everything it's usually around AUD 40).

4. Visit a sacred temple

Traveling around the island you will see a lot of temples. To be honest, I found some of the most famous and touristic ones, such as Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and Pura Tanah Lot, to be disappointing. The first one, because in pictures on Internet seems much bigger and more spectacular then how it actually looks. In reality it is really small and renovated, there is not too much traditional parts left. The second temple because it is crowded and there are always people ready to take 1000 pictures a second, destroying the atmosphere around you. The Pura Besakih is really majestic but also far too crowded with tourism. My advice? Find the temples around Bali where there is no tourism and that are more authentic.

5. Try a Spa

If you came to Bali you are almost surely here for relaxation and fun. So what’s better then an hour and a half full-body massage for only 7 AUD??? With many kinds of massage, Bali can give you real professional Spa services. What are you waiting for then? If you want a day just for you and your body, don’t waste time, go and enjoy yourself.

6. Visit the Gili Island

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are three islands between Bali and Lombok. You can get there from Bali by ferry in a couple of hours. You can find prices around 40 AUD total to go and come back if you find a good travel agency. Trawangan is the most touristic one where every month they do the full moon party. Hostels are not more then 10-12 AUD a night with breakfast included!!! If you desire more relaxation I suggest you visit the other two islands.

7. Waterwork

Bali is also full of waterworks. I would advise trying the fly jet, which is in Nusa Lembongan (you can get there for10 AUD in 30 min.). The price is around 60 AUD for the fly jet but you can take it down at AUD 30 if you are more then 2 people and if you keep asking. Water Board is around 15 AUD for 15 minutes so it all comes down to your choice and preference! Additionally, you can also go to the beautiful Waterbom water park.

8. Monkey forest

In Ubud you’ll find the Monkey forest: a sacred place where monkeys have fun stealing bananas from your pockets! You can find monkeys everywhere around Bali but they will not be as friendly as the monkeys in this forest. If you want a profile picture on Facebook with a monkey sitting on your head, this is the perfect place to go. Watch out for your small valuables because these monkeys can be a little too friendly!

9. Partecipate in a Cockfight

I know it sounds cruel and maybe it actually is, but if you want to know, and participate in the traditional culture, you must see a cockfight. Is not easy to find one, you must ask and find someone willing to bring you where they do the fight. Usually they do it during traditional festivals: don’t be surprised if you are the only foreign person in attendance.

10. Visit the rice terrace

Another things you must see on your road trip in Bali are the rice terraces. The most popular and famous ones are; Jatiluwh, located in north Tabanan (about one hour from Denpasar). But all around the island you can find many more terraces. These terraces are called “stairway to the gods” because the rice cultivation is really important for their life and religion. In fact during the sowing the local people do a ritual for the gods.



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HI EVERYONE!!! I'm Michael and since when i was 17 I have been traveling around the world. When i started at university (2011) I realized that it was not my way and I discovered myself as a traveller. Before my travels were just for fun...but now things are changing and nothing can be better than that. Travel is becoming my world, my job, and my life. Trust me, once you are in... is so hard to go back!!! It's like a drug and is the best one!!!

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