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Tanjung Gelam: What am I Supposed to Do in the beach? 5 Best New Things to Try!

Still talking about my last trip to Karimunjawa Islands, there was one beach that I fell in love with, since the very first time I stepped my feet on its very soft white sand. Tanjung Gelam. It's located next to Alang-alang, around 30 minutes ride by motorbike from the harbor. I have to say, and not tired to remind you, BE CAREFUL on the road. Just near the t-junction, it's very…broken. And since Tanjung Gelam is located in, let's say, kind of remote area, make sure that your motorbike is all ready and that you bring enough money (we can never expect when the tire will be flat! or when we will be ridiculously wanting to sip coconut water).

You have to pay Rp 2000,00 before turning left at the t-junction with a signboard 'Pantai Tanjung Gelam' (Tanjung Gelam Beach). Then ride your motorbike passing A LOT of banana trees, coconut trees, a few local's houses, and a jungle. Seriously, a jungle. Just keep going and keep going until you come to the very end of the road. Park your motorbike then walk down. There it is.

The next question is: What we are supposed to do?

I know there are MANY choices of activity we can do on the beach. But you know most of them are quite common already, isn't it? So if you're looking for new ideas of what to do in the beach, especially Tanjung Gelam, here I list the bundles:


You might think I am crazy. But no, I am not joking. Tanjung Gelam has ONE coconut tree hanging to the shallow water (less than 1 m deep) and it's a perfect spot to climb on!


Yes, there's a very shallow water on the left side near the black dead rocky corals where the color is so clear. And it's a perfect spot to relax!


The warungs mostly only sell instant noodles for the main course while 'gorengan' are the snacks. Tahu goreng or fried tofu tastes delicious, but you have to try the green chilli. If you can survive, congratulations!


Since the water is VERY clear and the water is VERY flat and calm, go snorkeling is a MUST thing to do in Tanjung Gelam. Bring your own skin dive or rent it from the homestay, because there's no rental in the beach. Some corals and stony fish might target your feet so if you want to stay safe, wear your booties/fins. The things that might say hello to you are for sure fishes, sea horses, and I even found NEMO! Yes. Clown fish, on sea anemone. And it was unbelievably cute.


It's fresh and healthy without any 'organic' label on it. Taken directly from the trees and being chopped directly in front of your eyes. THIS is the real organics.

More tips:

In the afternoon it can get VERY hot. Bring your sunblock and make sure you apply on your entire body, you don't want to get an uninvited sunburnt, right?


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I am a student majoring marine science in the university in Java, Indonesia. Spending my whole life living in the island vibe and endless summertime, planet earth contours that always leave me breathless. This is a little piece of my life. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Tanjung Gelam: What am I Supposed to Do in the beach? 5 Best New Things to Try!

  1. Profile photo of Joël Gagnon

    Nice article! Tu as une belle plume ^^ that make us want to travel there for sure and experiment the place following your inspiration 😉 Great tips


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