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Interesting "facts" in Iran- Part 1

I will never forget how I made my decision to travel to Iran, a country that is not common for travelling.

Most people might curious, and shock when I told them I’m going to Iran for travel.

“What?!, Why?!” Everyone look me weird~~

Even I myself don’t know how to tell my family that I’m going to Iran, for travel….

This 10 days trip will never become a reality without my Mexican classmate as my travel companion and my Iranian classmate to host us AND all the Iranian friends that I know during this trip.

It’s the most unique and special trip in my life…….

I would like to conclude this trip with some interesting thing, that you will only know when you are in Iran.

Let’s start ~~~

1. Iranian are very very very very very very very very very FRIENDLY~~~

Seriously, their friendliness will make you feel ” Are they really sincere??”

No, No, they are really, truely, sincerely 100% friendly….even it’s a stranger, a passby-er….

At first, I really feel uneasy when Iranian looked me, with their sincere curiosity ( Yes, for them, it’s fresh to meet a foreigner in Iran)

and I can hear from them, saying something like ” Chinois, Japonium” ( saying that I’m Chinese, Japanese)

Their friendliness made me think back about myself. Indeed, compare to them, I can say Malaysian friendliness is still a very big gap. A lot to learn from Iranian.

Here I show some example I experienced………

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A typical Malaysian, who currently an Erasmus Mundus Master Programme student. Due to my study, I'm able to live in some Europe countries for a period of time. Besides that, I love to travel, in any mode, anywhere, anytime. I have a great passion with anything new, miss every memorable moments in my life... To record all my memorable moments, I like photography, not a professional, but is unique!!!

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