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Inchydoney island

Inchydoney Island one of Ireland’s Top Destinations for travel and also one of the Top Wedding Destinations in Ireland and I know exactly why, it is the perfect place to go to, with the focal point of Inchydoney not being the fabulous Inchydoney Lodge & Spa but being The Virgin Mary’s Bank steeped in history being it folk or otherwise.

Virgin Mary’s Bank (Collected by MacEdward Leach) w/lyrics

(The Virgin On The Strand)

Now, the evening star shone beauteous bright all on that fading day,

When to a lone and silent beach the Virgin came to pray;

The hills and dales shone clearly, the moonlight mellow fall,

On the banks of green where Mary knelt shone the brightest of them all.

Slow moving o’er the waters, a gallant barque appeared,

Her joyful crew looked from the deck as to the land she steered;

Slow moving o’er those sheltered heavens, she floated like a swan,

With her wings of snow the waves below her pride and beauty shone.

Now her captain spied a lady as he stood upon the bow,

He marked the whiteness of her robe and the radiance of her brow;

Her arms were folded most graciously all on her stainless breast,

And her eyes were cast to him, and now to Him her soul loved best.

He showed her to his sailors who hailed her with a cheer,

It was on that kneeling virgin they gazed with laugh and jeer;

They madly swore a form so fair they never had seen before,

And they cursed that fainting, lagging breeze that kept them from the shore.

The ocean from its bosom showed up its moonlight sheen,

And up it’s angry billows rose to vindicate our Queen;

The clouds came o’er the heavens and the darkness o’er the land,

That scoffing crew beheld no more that lady on the strand.

Now burst the pealing thunder and the lightning flashed about,

Contending with those angry waves the tempest gave a shout;

Our vessel from a mountain wave came down with thundering shock,

Her timbers flew like scattered sprays on Inchydoney’s rock.

A bright and purple dawning shone out a night of gore,

Where many a mangled corpse was seen on Inchydoney’s shore;

And to this day the fishermen showed where those scoffers sank,

And still they called this hill of green the Virgin Mary’s Bank.

And after all that you will want a break in one of the Lodge & Spa’s amazing Sea view+ rooms and what makes this hotel stand out is that all its rooms actually have a sea view, as I sit in my room I remember my happy childhood as I look out on the far strand as it has been known locally, throughout my childhood I made many plans, sitting on the bank in the winter was my favourite time as I believed that Inchydoney belonged to the people of Inchydoney as throughout the summer everybody had a piece of it.

The lodge and Spa was built in 1998 and it changed the face of Inchydoney for every, it is now one of Ireland’s leading resorts with an instant recognition, it has definitely go the X Factor, I love the open and inviting lobby reception area, the views are spectacular, They have the most amazing residents lounge with comfy couches and yummy afternoon tea.

The rooms are luxurious with that treat feeling. You have to experience the SPA

The bar food is fantastic, take it from me I have enjoyed many a meal there in the last 14 years.

The breakfast display will dazzle you with choice.

The night time dining experience is definitely one to try

Should you go there: Absolutely

Why: Great food, Great location, Great Staff

When: Great all year round destination



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I am Mary Power CEO of one of Ireland's leading Hotel last minute travel websites, I have a passion for the development of online business, not just in travel but in all areas of my life, I am a visionary, who sets no limitations for myself. My moto is "what hurts you makes you stronger". I like to lead from the front, believe I am a good listener, and a eager learner, and always looking for a new challenge. In one of my start up businesses I grew it to a turnover of €5 million business in 5 years.I love to travel and experience new cultures. I have a strong positive attitude. I have strong families loyalities and use these strengths as part of my professional life. I love working under pressure and delight in results and goal achievement.I also encourage myself and others to achieve their maximum potential. I am also very client/customer focused and I like to over deliver on projects.Specialties: Strong negotiation skills, Exceptional interpersonal skills and strong sales focus. Excellent Marketing and Branding focus from both a company and customer prospectiveExcellent Online & Media ExperienceIndependent Professional Training and Coaching Professional.

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