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Temple Bar

Temple Bar is a very special area in Dublin because it’s where the commemorations and celebrations happen throughout the year. Temple Bar is much more than a cluster of pubs, it’s a place where people release their emotions. Read more below about this sacred place, Temple Bar.

You may wonder how a cluster of pubs can be a tourist destination. Or if the destination should be Dublin, not Temple Bar!

Actually, Temple Bar is a tourist destination for millions of Europeans that land at Dublin Airport every year destined to let their hair down in Temple Bar. Sometimes these tourists only know the way from Dublin airport to the hotel and the way from the hotel to Temple Bar.

What makes Temple Bar a tourist site that attracts millions of people?

Simply because Temple Bar is a super cool place where its story is full of references to culture, design, publishing, performing arts, cafes, politics and is full of colour and energy, along with its fantastic medieval and Viking architecture.

Are you still not convinced that Temple Bar is a fantastic place? So, I will talk about its atmosphere.

Oh, its atmosphere is composed of joy and "craic ", as the Irish define fun. There is no relations with drugs because " craic " in Irish Gaelic means fun and you can hear these expressions in pubs as Dubliners love to use the phrases: " What's the craic? ", " Any craic? " which means How are you? Do you have any news? And it confuses and delights visitors who are there looking for a lot of craic.

Don’t be surprised if you see a small group of costumed women and one with a veil on her head, for sure this group is celebrating a hen party and they are having moments to remember for the rest of their lives. It’s not only the girls having fun in Temple Bar as grooms and their friends are there also to have the last night out as a single person.

Joy takes over as Dublin celebrates St. Patrick's Day, on March 17, as the Irish celebrate their patron saint day. The weeks before Christmas are celebrated with the 12 pubs of Christmas, where everyone dresses up in a Christmas jumper and walks the "via sacra " visiting 12 pubs in one night ! New Year’s Eve is also much celebrated on the streets, in the pubs and nightclubs of this sacred place.

This place is so sacred that it creates certain miracles, because those that are afraid to speak English become fluent, those who are shy, loses their shyness, if you are alone, late at night, you will be surrounded by friends. Temple Bar also has the powers of cupid, as thousands of singles looking for love have their first meeting at this location. Ah, love! Love is in the air.

The secret of Temple Bar is the celebration of festive dates, soccer games, rugby, personal achievements, or just the simple reason to celebrate life by having a pint with friends, listening to music and having a fantastic moment that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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Roger was born in São Paulo, but his heart is in his adopted city Curitiba. He's been living in Ireland for the past three years and he is well suited to any climate. He's travelled most of Europe and has a knack for discovering new spots in the Old Continent. Thailand is his favorite country so far. From his emotional visit to Auschwitz, facing the Russian winter in St. Petersburg, a storm at sea off the coast of Australia and reliving his childhood in Eurodisney. His dream is to visit Fernando de Noronha, Amazon, Egypt, Greece and Africa.He loves history, art, architecture, cuisine and nature. He feels just as at home in the big cities as he does in the wild. His photos include natural landscapes and urban scenes. He started travelling alone, but made many friends along the way.

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