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A time to relax in a park

Tel Aviv is a bustling city ,filled with energy 24/7 but it also has some very nice and relaxing parks,where you can escape the the city hum,and even pick some herbs for your salad or sandwich. One of my favorite parks is the recently renovated Horshot (grove) park,in the southern Tel Aviv.It is not located in the city center but it is easily reached by public transport.

This is a park that I love to visit especially in the winter,when the nature blooms here. The city planted some herbs in the park,and you are welcome to take some with you. These herbs include marjoram,rosemary,sage,lemongrass ,lavender,geranium and few others. During the winter the park is also full of edible wild plants,like wild mustard and mallow.You can actually make a nice salad of the things you can find in this park:)

From the park you can see,behind a wall,the beautiful church of St Tabitha and St Peter. You can join them for Sunday prayers,but they don't encourage anybody to visit the church and its beautiful gardens during other times.

If you come with children,there is a well equipped and nice children's playground in the park,but don't worry;they also have an adult playground with outdoor fitness equipment.

You can find many shaded sitting areas in the park,perfect for relaxation. I would suggest taking a book with you,find a seat and just enjoy listening to the birds in a very relaxing place. There are some big trees in the park that were planted long time ago,like the sycamore tree, but during the renovation process of the park new citrus trees were planted there.

You can also find a nice ecological pond in this park,with a rich bird life. The pond is fenced but there is a hut for viewing what is going on in the pond.


Profile photo of Jael Ancker

Jael, a Finnish food and travel blogger who lives next to Tel Aviv. I have previously lived also in Venezuela and USA. I love to write about the fantastic food scene of Tel Aviv but also about other things in this enegetic city.

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