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Visit to an African refugee women’s collective

Sometime  ago I had a chance to visit Kuchinate, which is a collective for African asylum seeking  refugee women in southern Tel Aviv.  The women of Kuchinate (means crochet in Tigriniya language) produce beautiful baskets and carpets , made of  cloth material from local factories.  All the women of the collective have endured so much hardship on their way here, and creating baskets and carpets  is a way to psychological and social rehabilitation for these women.  I would recommend a visit to Kuchinate for all people interested in refugee matters, coming to Tel Aviv, to hear these women, and see the beautiful products that  they produce. Kuchinate is a good place also if you are interested in African culture ,especially that of Eritrea.

The doors at Kuchinate are open on all weekdays,  from the morning until the afternoon, depending on the day. Relevant  information can be found on their website.

Besides coming to visit and maybe  buying their produce, you can come and learn how to crochet baskets, have a delicious Eritrean lunch, and participate in a Eritrean coffee ceremony, take part in refugee tours in southern Tel Aviv,  where most of them live, hear lectures and more. whether you come solo or as part of a group.  You can learn more of what Kuchinate has to offer  here.

    kuchinate 1 kuchinate 5 kuchinate 4 kuchinate 3 IMG_7866


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Jael, a Finnish food and travel blogger who lives next to Tel Aviv. I have previously lived also in Venezuela and USA. I love to write about the fantastic food scene of Tel Aviv but also about other things in this enegetic city.

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