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weekend in the Langhe and Roero (second day)

I continue today to tell you about my trip in the Langhe and Roero.

I dedicated the second day to Cesare Pavese and the places where he lived and some of his novels are set.

On this occasion, I was a guest of the foundation Cesare Pavese founded in 2004 in Santo Stefano Belbo, which is the point of reference for all national and international events on Pavese.

Thanks to the work of the foundation, all the places of Pavese of Santo Stefano Belbo have been restored and made available to the tourists, such as the birthplace of Cesare Pavese, the Casotto of Gaminella, La Casa Museo of Nuto, the Church of Saints James and Christopher.

We went to visit the birthplace of Cesare Pavese, where his parents spent their summer holidays.

The architecture of the house, in which there is no longer the original garden, differs from the traditional peasant one. It denotes a taste from a small provincial bourgeoisie transplanted in the city.

The Birthplace, houses original furnishings and numerous testimonies about the life of Cesare Pavese: letters, books, photographs, reviews of his books and thesis from all over the world.

After we went to see the house laboratory Nuto (at the second Pinolo Scaglione), that childhood friend becomes "Virgil" Pavese, who leads him through the paths, the vineyards, on the crests of the hills and tells the stories of the inhabitants of the area.

The Moon and the Bonfires are born from the meeting between Pavese and Nuto, the novel of the return and the found country.

At the end of my journey in the Langhe and Roero, I want to do some final considerations.

For Langhe and Roero means that hilly area nestled between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, joined together by a strong tradition of uses and customs, tastes and colors, grapes and wine, but at the same time so different and so unique.

There are many sweet and passionate scenarios to which we are accustomed to directing with thought when it comes to a romantic trip, but still too few who know the gentle beauty of the Langhe and Roero.

For me, the Langhe and Roero are ideal for incurable travelers who plan to spend a gastronomic weekend or to spend a few days in the company to their beloved or in an area of exceptional beauty.

During the journey in the Langhe and Roero I was reminded of the words of Marcel Proust: "The real voyage of research consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" and I pondered on how people dream of a holiday in beautiful places far way (Polynesia, Usa, etc.. etc) but in Italy there are many excellences that deserve to be visited by the incurable travelers from around the world

For sure I will return in the Langhe and Roero, perhaps in the harvest season, in autumn, when nature fills the panorama of beautiful colors, maybe in the summer when it's nice to laze in the shade drinking a glass of good wine in the open, maybe in the winter, when the historical and architectural beauties are highlighted.

Another aspect that I wish to highlight of this trip was the meeting with the people of the Langhe and Roero.

The people with whom I paused to chat are people who love their land and their traditions.

They have all been very helpful to tell the "legends" of these areas as the "mask" that is the spiteful witches of Langhe who once terrorized the children.



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I'm not a professional blogger, in the sense that my source of income is another that has nothing to do with the world 2.0However I think it's a positive aspect, as it allows me to be more free to make my choices based on my tastes and this also makes me independent in my opinions.So why do I have a blog of tourism and gastronomy?Easy, the idea of communicating tourism and good food in all its forms, describing unfamiliar territory, discovering the festivals and events, is innate in me.The degree in sociology and many years of experience in the Tourist office in Venice, have meant that this idea materializes in creating a blog.In fact, back in 2008 now, I had the idea of creating the blog of someone who loves to travel: blog that was born as a hobby, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.By the end of the year, the blog will move to the new domain; An event that will provide a more appealing appearance to the blog.Among the "events" from my life of travel & food blogger, the most important are:Participation in the first surf contest on a cruise shipParticipation in several blog tours and social media teams Unique blogger invited to the press trip to North Cyprus with print and television journalists. (I'm one of the 2 Italian travel bloggers officially invited in press trips)Blogger coordinator of the project "Italy Different" (bloggers tell another Italy): a journey in the "unknown Italy" but that has great tourism potential

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