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Il Giardino di Boboli are the Crowning Centerpiece of Florence’s Palazzo Pitti

My sister Polly and I recently spent three incredible weeks in Italy. We immersed ourselves in the allure of Florence, touring Santa Maria del Fiore, the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries, the Basilica of Santa Croce, which houses the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo and Danté! Florence’s piazzas are replete with sidewalk cafes, shops, fountains, musicians and artists and the buzz of visitors and residents enjoying this spectacular Renaissance city.

We dined on delectable fare at Ristorante La Posta near Piazza Repubblica, savored perhaps the most flavorful gelato in Italy at Vivoli near Piazza Santa Croce, and shopped til we nearly dropped at incredible boutiques lining the boulevard of the River Arno.

Florence truly is a feast for the senses! Polly and I spent our final day in Florence touring Palazzo Pitti and it’s magnificent botanical gardens. Yes, the palazzo’s interior is intriguing and houses galleries filled with magnificent paintings, sculptures, costumes and porcelain art, but I believe the centerpiece of Pitti lies in the botanical gardens behind the palace!

The spectacular Giardino di Boboli are lined with immaculately groomed hedges, limestone walls and regal statuary. Stately fountains impart a soothing, contemplative atmosphere.

Strolling along the winding paths, Polly and I reflected on our visit in Florence, admiring its profound history and all that this amazing Renaissance city offers to its residents and to visitors alike. We reached the top of the gardens and admired the Tuscan countryside beyond. When we turned around to gaze at Palazzo Pitti and the city of Florence in the distance, it was undeniably clear that Palazzo Pitti was the perfect conclusion to our visit in Firenze!


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As a lover of travel to destinations worldwide and of words and stories, I’ve combined these passions by creating TravelRAVE (, a blog that journals my own adventures. My view of the world has changed and evolved tremendously as I’ve toured. There is something about the discovery of varied people, cultures and history found in destinations near and far that has opened my heart and mind in a powerful way. My goal is to motivate the readers and followers of Kiss From The World and TravelRAVE with my own stories and experiences in an effort to foster their personal passion for travel and adventure. To visit the places which inspire them and experience the organic beauty in the people, cultures, architecture and heritage that compiles this exotic and imaginative world. It is fascinating and alluring ... to experience and appreciate it brings us closer in heart and soul. Let's all take time to explore, experience and enjoy the places that inspire us!

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