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Jomyo-in Temple

This beautiful, other-worldly temple area is home said to be home to 84, 000 Jizo images, the Shinto god known to be protector of children (and, some say, travellers). There’s actually not a heap of information about this temple widely available online, and a lot of it is conflicting, so to save further fruitless searches for anyone who comes across this post and is interested in finding out more, I’ve copied this information from a photo I took of a placard inside the temple area:

This temple was founded in 1666 and called Joen-in temple. Its present name, Jomyo-in temple was adopted in 1723. The front gate now standing built some time from 1716 to 1735.

A priest called Myoun, who became the chief priest of this temple in 1876, had faith in the guardian deity of children (Jizo) and decided to erect one thousand stone images of Jizo. After having completed one thousand images, he reset his goal to eighty four thousand images.

The great bronze image of Jizo in the precincts was built in 1906 in memory of those killed during the Russo-Japanese War.

The religious service for Hechima (sponge cucumbers) “Hechima Kuyou” is performed every year on the 15th of August according to the lunar calendar. A lot of people attend because the religious service is said to bring about miraculous cures of illness such as coughing and asthma.

That’s what it’s about; nothing I can say will do justice to how beautiful it is, though, so once more I’m going to let my photographs do the talking…

Jomyo-in Temple

2-6-4 Sakuragi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

(Closest stations are Nippori, Uguisudani and Ueno)



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I’m a Melbourne girl who loves to travel, eat, cook, explore, read, photograph, wander, learn, discover and especially write :) I use my blog as a kind of electronic journal and time capsule; I want to be able to look back over my adventures and remember them all, I want to share them with like-minded people, and I want to leave some sort of record of what life was like for a girl like me. Because, over time, things change. Lifestyles evolve and cities are re-built and cultures adapt; things are pretty good right here and now, and I want that to be recorded somewhere, so that in years to come people can see what it was like “back in the day…” :)Throughout my travels, I've also found that the one thing that connects us more strongly than anything else is food. No matter what we eat or how its prepared, food is universal; sitting down to a meal has an incredible power to cross cultural divides and bring people together, so I also write a lot about food I've eaten around the world and food I cook that's been inspired by my life and travels.

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