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Traveling to Kenya but uncertain? Fear not!

Lately, Kenya has been in the international media spotlight for all the wrong reasons but mainly spear headed by terrorism threats. For those who have ever enjoyed a safari in the Kenyan parks or soaked up some sun by the luxurious beaches, then I need you to keep that beautiful unforgettable memory intact as I continue to expound on why I feel that you can and still should visit Kenya.

As you may have an idea, Kenya became a target for terrorism after her defence forces went into Somalia to help in the fight against the raging illegal militia groups which had gone out of control terrorising everyone in Somalia or nearby coastal areas, not caring a single thread of remorse for their actions. Well depicted in the Hollywood hit movie Captain Phillips, the Somali pirates would hijack ships and attack on-land people as well.

Kenya, in her act of courageousness, took it upon her to join in this world fight against terrorism and be a forefront force in trying to bring some sanity to the East African horn…but as a result, now Kenya is a top target for the sworn enemy, what has come to be known as the Al-shabab group.

Geographical fact: Kenya neighbours Somalia on her left and shares the Indian Ocean Coastal strip.

Following the events there have been a couple of terrorism attacks unleashed in Kenya however these have only taken part in areas where the Somali natives reside (Eastleigh Area – Nairobi), and areas in the North West districts with an exception of the attack in September last year, where the militia group attacked a Nairobi City based Mall.

Am I safe as a tourist?

The truth is terrorism has been taking part in many places in the world, whether by illegal militia groups or others, however what is key is that, the Kenyan government have highly tightened the security all over the country, to not only her people but to people who are visiting Kenya.

Secondly, one of the main reasons why tourists used to flock Kenya was because of her remarkable wildlife in the game parks and reserves, these are still there and what’s more dubbed as one of the world’s wonder, the annual great Wildebeest migration from Serengeti into the Masai Mara is just about to happen, therefore you may want to book your trip now and be among those who have witnessed this amazing spectacle.

Looking for an all in one experience?

Africa is known for her unique safari experiences, but while in Kenya, not only do you get to have a fantastic raw safari, but you can also enjoy the beautiful tropical beaches, within the Kenyan coast who host a good number of exquisite beach resorts, if at all you feel “what about my safety,” then rest assured the south coast is well tacked away from the border of Somalia. Plus, while at the coast, you can visit the Marine parks and enjoy a underwater experience.

Kenya is a pocket friendly destination, the lodges, hotels and resorts do not limit you to clearing out your bank account because with the wide range of properties, you get an opportunity to choose what is of comfort to you.

The icing on the cake?

And to top it all up, Kenya has over 70 different tribes and as many have said the Kenyan people are perhaps one of Kenya’s most valuable and interesting assets. Though most Kenyans are sophisticated and highly educated in this day and age, while in Kenya, there is an opportunity to see rural communities where traditional lifestyles have remained the same over many centuries. The world famous Maasai with their striking attire, are probably the best known tribe in Kenya, not forgetting the Samburu and Turkana people too. Visitors looking for a cultural live experience can visit traditional villages in many areas of Kenya, where they can be certain of being welcomed and invited in to meet and learn about the people.

All said and done, this is almost an open letter to tourists who want to come to Kenya but have second thoughts because of the negative publicity, my plea to you is that remember bad news sells, and this is coming from someone who is in Kenya, and lives in here, Kenya is safe and ready for you to explore!


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I am a travel & Environmental blogger, who works as an E-commerce & Digital Marketing executive in Nairobi. I like to think of myself as an optimist, a Kind, Strong willed person who basically is a go getter! I love adventure traveling, I am a dare devil , a sports fanatic, always the first on the dance floor but my no 1 job in the world is being, a mother! :-)

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