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시작이 반이다

(starting is half the task)

-Korean Proverb

We all know the rhyme “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” right?

I don’t know about you but I don’t know any other dessert or form of food that has its own song. And let alone has reached number one and dominated music charts. (And no-the fast food song DOES NOT COUNT) Only in Korea. And that dessert craze is Bingsu. [Bing soo]

If you have ever travelled to Korea during its summer months then you know it is excruciatingly hot.

Humid. Sticky. Hot.

and honestly sometimes suffocatingly so, but thank God it is not Sub-Saharan hot.

You will live. you wont die.

And you will have this dessert to thank in succeeding in your efforts to cool down.

팥빙수-Pat Bingsu is a Korean dessert consisting mainly of two ingredients. Milk shaved Ice and adzuki beans. (and sweetened rice cake.) There are now many variations of Bingsu around, similarly to ice cream and all the endless flavours and variations. Bingsu is the same.

Here are a few links to restaurants and recommendation websites on where to have yourself the best Bingsu when in Seoul or Korea.


Caffe Bene link

Visit Korea Visit Korea


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I was born in Marondera, Zimbabwe and raised in Luton,England.I'm currently working towards the final year of my Journalism degree. I'm a lover of Tea and all things nutty covered in chocolate and could expressively try to tell you so in four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Shona,Korean)Travelling is beyond an obsession, its just a way of life for me now, and cannot imagine ever being stuck in one place for the rest of my life. Im even more so passionate for people, and the stories they have to tell and the placed they come from.I can be as a superficial traveller from Hotels and great venues and experiences, to life changing,perspective altering travels that hold more depth and meaning than the tourist areas offer. I want it all.

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