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Working with locals in Korea

A few weeks ago we ventured to the beach for a relaxing day out. To properly soak up the atmosphere and scenery, we decided to go for a walk along the waterfront.

A few minutes into our stroll, we came across a group of women on all fours digging and scouring for various types of clams.

Working tirelessly, the resilient and determined locals scored bags and bags of the edible treasure. The heat of the day reached a crescendo, the sunrays relentlessly barrelling down.

Watching these women, most of whom probably exceed 50 years of age, was inspiring. After the search and discovery part of the process was complete, the clams had to be bagged and lugged down the boardwalk about 200 metres.

I could not sit idly by any longer and felt compelled to lend a helping hand. I lifted the bags, which were about as heavy as the makeup on Kim Kardashian’s face, and laboured down the boardwalk.

After two trips I was sweating profusely, like I had devoured too much kimchi jjigae. I desperately needed a break, followed closely by a beer.

But these women, showcasing otherworldly strength, battled on.

A truly humbling and rewarding experience, these gladiators demonstrated what a hard day’s work actually looks like.


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Gary Pearson is a freelance writer, public relations and social media manager, former sports journalist and thirsty traveller forever in search of new adventures.He has freelanced for the Canadian Press, Blaze Magazine - the official magazine of the Calgary Flames, Zone Magazine – the official magazine of the Calgary Hitmen, The Travel Itch, Go Nomad and The Calgary Herald among others. He has lived in four continents – Africa, Europe, North America and Australia – and currently resides in London after recently moving from Brisbane, Australia. Follow Gary on Twitter: @newagejourno or on Instagram: @newagejourn0. You can also have a gander at his blog,

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