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A weekend with the snow

Who knew you could go snow skiing in Africa!?

And … it’s one of the best trips I’ve been on! Ok bearing in mind, I’ve never been skiing overseas, so I can’t compare…

But, I’ll let you know how they compare once I’ve been to beautiful Austria!

Imagine a ski resort 5 hours out of Johannesburg. Imagine waking up to snow fall outside of your bedroom window. Imagine getting off of the tow to see a view of African snow-caped mountains. Imagine sitting, drinking Italian hot chocolate, while listing to a Belgium singer in Lesotho Africa. Just Imagine…

Before my trips there, I would of said you were mad and it’s down right impossible but it’s oh so real!

Afriski is the amazing and ludicrous resort I’m referring to…

I took a trip to Lesotho about a month ago with my Dad and as a girl who has practically been brought up on the slopes, I naturally couldn’t wait! I couldn’t wait get into ski hire and fit those uncomfortable and hard-to-walk-in ski boots!

For those that have been skiing you know how much of a struggle it is to walk in ski boots while trying to carry your poles and skis. No amount of unbuckling or untying, makes the walk from your chalet to the slopes easier.

As we were driving to the resort, I sat looking at the mountains, wishing for it to snow on the trip and urging those gloomy looking clouds to explode with, what I call it, icing sugar. Because for me, being on those slopes, is even better than cake!

Even though I live by the law of attraction, it still came as the most wonderful surprise and shock, waking up the next morning, to the clouds dusting the car park, slopes, walk ways, roofs and cars.

So, of course, everyone at the backpackers was up as early as can be, walking outside, with their soon to be snow covered slippers and pjs. Parents with half sleepy eyes taking photos of their wide awake kids.. It was so awesome to say the least!

I was dressed and on the slope before the lifts had even opened and the crowd of skiers and snowboarding were not far behind!

So half way through the day, I turned to my dad, out of the blue, and said I want to try snowboarding! And what better weather to fall on my bum, than in fresh, powdery snow to cushion my fall. So, I made the great trek from slope to ski hire and then an even more of a great trek from ski boots to snowboarding boots! Bless those snowboarding boots because it then felt like I was walking on heaven and literally walking on icing sugar compared to the ski boots!

It was so different to go from being strapped to two planks on the advanced/blue slope to being strapped to one piece on the beginner slope! There were plenty of falls, bruises, laughs and snow being sprayed at complete strangers and let me say, it was the best day!

For me it was such a refreshing change from skiing and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with snow boarding now! You won’t be seeing me anytime soon on skis again! I’m officially a converted snow boarder.

So much so, that towards the end of our trip, little lesson-less me, was back on the blues slope with my board, no falls and making turns.. It may not sound so impressive and maybe it isn’t, but in my mind, I was rocking that slope.

So for anyone wanting a totally different trip from what they are used to, please please please go skiing in Africa! And tell me when you do, so I can come join you’re soon-to-be memorable trip! You don’t have to have any skiing/boarding experience.. In fact you can have 0% because, that makes the learning even more fun! Just remember.. spending your whole day on your bum, on the slopes = spending the night on your bum in the bar!!

Here’s some inside info about skiing before you embark on your next trip:

•Your one memorable moment will be when you are heading for an almighty fall but haven’t hit the ground yet.

•Every skier will wear at least 5 different colours

•Anyone with a-top-of-the-range gear probably isn’t a-top-of-the-range skier.

•All glasses and goggles are guaranteed to most up in bad weather.

•Some one will always try jump the queue at the ski lift/tow.

•Someone will always stand of the back of your skies/board and you will most likely always return the favour.. By accident or on purpose.

Ok, skiing trips do come at a pretty price, but there are ways to cut back costs and a lot of them! I stayed at backpackers which was less than half the price of a chalet and it was more than half the fun! You get to chat and eat with all your fellow skiers as opposed to sitting in the chalet by yourself! You can take all your own food with, which also saves you from spending money at the restaurant.. But I do at least recommend you go try the Italian hot chocolate and Austrian Gulash! It’s beyond delicious.

Oh and one last piece of advise I once received.. Never travel with someone you don’t love x


Profile photo of Bianca Rentzke

I am a 19 year old, South African and my greatest passion is to travel, write and take photos. I'm currently working as a model which allows me to travel and meet new and exciting people from all over the world. I get to spend up to three months in a country which allows me to experience the place as a local. So far this year, I've been to Japan and Singapore and I am going to Paris in two months time. In between my travels, I am based at home in beautiful South Africa. I'm a lover of life and a believer in taking any opportunity that comes my way because life is too short for regrets.

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