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Penang – the city of street art

One of the reasons why I love Penang is a historical centre of George Town that has developed into quite the arts and cultural district since the inception of the George Town Festival, a month long arts festival, in 2010. Wandering around the city becomes quite fun for everyone and street art hunting.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of tourists and locals more and more street art appears every year. Recently a new series of iron sculptures called “Marking Gerogetown” appeared that gives tourists more information about the history of Georgetown in a relatively funny way. Better than boring museums or tedious guidebooks 🙂

Everytime I visit this part of George Town I find other street art I haven’t noticed before. My favourite ones are especially the ones, where artists used common things together with their art. For example Kids on Bicycle, Old Motorcycle and many more.

Recently Lee and I have also discovered a destroyed building in the city centre, which was full of different sketches – but I recommend you take repellent. We were hit hard during the photoshooting with countless mosquito bites, but it was definitely worth it.

The street art you can expect to see during your wanderings in the city can be classified into several categories:

Ernest Zacharevic work: this Lithuanian artist is probably the reason why street art became such a big deal to Penang in the first place. His works are by far the most popular out of all the street art and it can happen that you will have to wait in a queue to take pictures with these pieces.

Marking George Town: these 52 iron structures can be found throughout George Town, and were actually commissioned by the Penang tourism board. These were put up to provide a fun pictoral anecdote about the history of the street it is located on, and is a rather fun way to learn a little bit about Penang’s heritage.

101 Lost Kittens: This collection of 12 cat-related street artworks is a project by Thai artist Natthapon Muangkliang and Malaysian artists Louise Low and Tang Yeok Khang aimed at creating awareness towards stray animals.

Others: There are many different street artworks besides those listed above from many different artists. I hope I will be able to map them all one day 🙂

You can download a brochure with most of the street art, its information and a map where to find them.



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I’m from Liberec in Czech republic. In January I move to Penang in Malaysia and I live here since. Last year I lived in the Maldives, where I worked for a local company and where my blog started. My position allowed me to visit different resorts for free and as an enthusiast photographer I always took a lot of photos. Last summer one of the travel agencies hired me as a photographer and I visited some of the most luxury resorts there. Who is this lucky? Not many people and so I decided to take that opportunity , bought my own domain and started to write and share my stories and photos.

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