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How to be a fashionable traveler

Today I want to show in a few simple ways how to be a fashionable traveler and how to style your next vacation! This year I really want to let you have a closer look into my life and daily routine, and show you more, starting from basic “what to pack”s, how to dress during your travels and many other travel advices and tips. I want to finally show you what does it mean the name of my blog – Wayfarerstyle!

So I’m taking you guys back to Malta – ohhh what a beautiful Mediterranean island! Finally I had some time to go through the tons of photos I took during my Christmas Holiday. I decided to start my stories about Malta sharing with you some beautiful pictures taken the day when I wander through St. Julian’s Bay and Sliema City.

Travel is all about immersing yourself in each destination culture. Embrace everything – the people, the places, the food and the fashion! Speaking of traveling, the first thing I ever plan and think about are my outfits. My personal style is highly influenced by my travels. Throughout my holidays, Comfort is always on the top of my list, while staying chic of course. Then comes the different kind of layer I could possibly put together with the limited number of pieces that could fit in my suitcase. During this winter holiday I choose to take with me just a black leather jacket that I wore it every day. The magic behind it was the relaxed fit and chicness giving me an infinite variety of dressy to casual outfits. A leather jacket I think it’s the best choice, modern yet a very sophisticated piece, making it one of the perfect companions for a fashionable traveler.

Here is a quick look into what I wore that day to stroll around Maltese Archipelago. I wanted something stylish and fresh in the same time to help capture my mood. This blue dress is perfect for traveling paired with a pair of sneakers. I love to wear drDsses all the time during my travels. You just put on a dress and a pair of sneakers or flats and you are ready to go!

Now I’ll leave you with some beautiful photos from my Christmas Holiday. Seriously, I fell madly in love with Malta from St.Julian’s Bay where we stayed to the Island of Gozo.

The spirit of each city was captivating and you must see it with your own eyes!

St.Julian’s Bay is a renowned sea resort and prestigious tourist destination, even more peaceful, elegant and better equipped than Sliema. This old fishing village developed around the Chapel of St.Julian overlooks a delightful narrow bay. The coast road along this beautiful part of the shore is quite lovely. A typical scene of St.Julian’s Bay are the old and modern buildings that surrounds the edge of the bay, which is continuously patrolled by fleets of boats. St.Julian’s has many attractions including the Casino and the rough and rocky coast where, despite everything, unusual structures that are quite comfortable have been created, intended to make bathing easier and to enable visitors to sunbathe and relax. You must also know that St. Julian’s Bay is Malta’s night-time hub and where its beautiful people come to clink glasses and party ‘til dawn. At the far end of the bay you can find a genuine rarity for Malta – a tiny beach of fine golden and compact sand, a little corner of paradise and a spot much frequented by tourists.



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I'm Alina travel & fashion blogger! I was born in Bucharest, Romania, on August 28 and I’m a veritable perfectionist virgo, with a great strength in my practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. I’m the embodiment of modern day woman; I’m confident but friendly, intelligent and creative, unmistakably fashionable with a distinctly fierce, feminine yet somewhat modern sense of style. All this along with my sincerity and ambitious attitude has made me a one to watch and continually attracting a loyal and large following in both women and men. I love traveling more than anything in the world. And I write about this on my travel & fashion blog. I hope this can be the place where you can collect inspiration and advice for your next adventure.

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