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Merida a natural SPA

Hello everyone!

I´m sure we´ve all been stressed about work, school, personal life, surroundings, etc. So congratulations¡ You are a lucky human being while reading my post, I´m going to tell you the BEST way to invest your money.

We all know that… travelling to Mexico is cheap, going to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and all the other touristy spots. But buying a trip to Riviera Maya, is SOMETHING ELSE, I´m telling ya… SOMETHING ELSE.

As a mexican who´s travelled to quite a few places, the city of Mérida, keeps being my favorite place to travel in the whole world, it just has this atmosphere of friendliness, goodness, relaxation, and full of good food.

When you travel to Merida, if you are looking to party you can find it there, or go to Playa del Carmen (about two and a half hours away) and have a good party there, either in Canibal or Mamitas Beach, or just go to Cancun.

But… if you are looking for a getaway, this is the perfect place… Tulum, Chichen-itza, (both mayan pyramids), Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Progreso, Bacalar are just a few beautiful beaches you can spend time to relax. You can´t seem to decide what you want? Tulum… beautiful beach+mayan pyramid. Natural spa? Bacalar is the right answer!

Places to eat? Along Riviera Maya there a lot of fresh seadfood restaurants, and even vegetarian options for you all out there. In Merida, you can´t miss going to Nectar… do me a favor and order ¨cebollas con relleno negro¨ I cannot even explain what that appetizer has brought to my life, way much more than happiness and snacks.

If you go to Playa del Carmen, have breakfast in Chezceline, a little restaurant that offers wonderful french options, and well made home bread… (croissants, muffins, and an full of OMG options), you just need to wake up early to get there on time and not make line, great hungover food options.

As for Merida, you should try: papadzules, relleno negro, sopa de lima (lemon soup), panuchos, but mainly you can not miss marquesitas. Marquesitas is this crepe pastry filled with mainly cheese, and nutella or dulce de leche as optionals. A MUST TRY.

In conclusion, don´t waste your money in a cheap SPA, go to Merida, enjoy, forget the world and the stress, eat, swim, sleep, relax at the beach and be a tourist there.



Profile photo of Teresa Siller

Foodie and Traveller. Yogi and Hippie. My name is Teresa, I am from Mexico, and currently a Culinary School student. I have HR Management experience, but I will be taking you to different places through the eyes of a cook.

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