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How to lose your senses in Mexico

Of course party is a very important part in every trip that we can ever do. And if you’re spending your days in the huge city of Mexico, this is the best spot.

During my first very first weeks living in Mexico City, I was invited to a college international party, with all the people who were studying abroad at the time. To cut a long story short, the party ended in a community house, where the 12 host announced the next event. It was about riding in trajineras, in Xochimilco. In a few days it was our spanish friend Daniel’s birthday, so the perfect way of welcomed him.

Some of us arrived too early that day, so we decided to take a walk the town. Xochimilco is in the south, and is quite different from the rest of the city, as local government want to preserve heritage untouched. You can’t see many supermarkets, public transport of high buildings. But that’s what totally enthralls you.

After eating, we bought all alcohol in a local store, as it’s much cheaper than doing it once you’re on boat. So you’re totally free of carrying your own bottles, glasses and food. We chose tequila Jimador (the best for me).

We were surprised to see how other 60 students joined to the 20 we were already standing in the pier. So we had to ask for 4 trajineras. Of course, the bottles we bought were only for us.

The trajinera is a special kind of wood boat. They’re painted with dazzling colors and they all have a name written on the top. They’ve got a roof as well, to protect people from rain and sunlight. Only 20 people fit inside, so our first group jumped into it. However, the 4 boats stayed together all the time, as they navigated next to each other.

As not many of the others who reached later than us knew that the price didn’t include drinks, we had many people coming over from other boats asking us for a beer or a small glass with tequila. We didn’t want to lose all of our drinks, but we realized we had quite enough. So we agreed, in condition of a small reggaeton or salsa dance before getting their cups full.

The ride last around 3 hours, and it costs like 900 pesos (around 65 USD). The sightseeing is not really charming; in fact, the water is kind of dirty and green, so be sure of stand always inside the boat, and don’t let the drunkenness push you back to the river.

Along the trip you can see a lot of sellers coming to the trajinera, offering everyone food, drinks, phone mega speakers and even mariachis. Of course, the prices are not really cheap.

At some point, we were completely drunk, and were kind of afraid of sinking and drown, as our trajinera was the fullest one. The other guys just started to jump in to see who they could get along with and keep asking for more drinks. Sometimes we had more than 30 people standing on. Suddenly our boat started to tilt and flood in one side, but the rower pushed people out and saved us. It was actually really funny.

If you’re going I totally recommend wearing waterproof shoes, as some dirty water can filter inside the boat and get your sneakers full of fungus.

Xochimilco might be a quiet familiar ride as well. But don’t be scared of finding drunken young people passing next to you, totally losing their senses in the water paths. It’s probably what it makes it so famous.


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My name is Alexis Ceballos. I was born in Veracruz, southeast México. I've lived with my family most of the time, we're very united. Since I was a kid, I felt atracted to photograpy, filming, writing and reading. That's why I'm graduated from my grade in media sciences. I've been living in Veracruz all my life, until I decided to study in capital (Mexico City) in 2012, where I met foreigns friends and made my very first trips with them. We traveled all around Mexico. When I found out I became addicted to it, I studied abroad in Spain, to see again my buddies I earlier met in Mexico. Then I started my first solo trips around Europe and finally faced my old fears about life, world and humanity. At the end of my studies I made my last trip to South America. I completly switch my mind and I'm still trying to discover myself, even when I didn't know I was lost. Now I'm not trying to settle down anymore, but looking for to do what I most like in life, and traveling, picturing and writiing fit on my likes.

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