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Take a Ride in the Monument to the Revolution

I recently traveled to Mexico City with a list of activities planned. I prefer walking from one destination to another, as you never know what may lie ahead. I was pleasantly surprised when my companion discovered that the Monument to the Revolution was nearby while we were wandering in the downtown area. This landmark wasn't on my list and I was anxious to see what it was all about.

Arriving at the Monument was a jaw-dropping experience, because it's big and bold. There is an open area called Plaza of the Republic, which is home to a cool fountain that shoots water from the ground, making everyone squeal with delight.

For a mere 40 pesos, you can take an elevator that whisks you up to an observation deck. My companion and I had the pleasure of riding with two spunky gents from England. I'm fearful of heights, so after stepping off the elevator and looking down, I almost fell to the floor. I eventually composed myself and took full advantage of the astonishing views surrounding me.

I highly recommend putting the Monument to the Revolution on your list if you visit Mexico City. The downtown area, otherwise known as the Historic Center, is bustling with activity that can keep you engaged for a full day.


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I have been living in Chicago for the past 7 years until a recent return to my hometown of Madison, WI. For the past 3 years, I was a freelance writer for the Chicago Tribune. It started with a blog about Couchsurfing and led to a second blog about events and venues in Chicago.I enjoyed writing so much that I started my own blog and travel/leisure Facebook page. I travel as much as possible and can't wait to write about it when I get home. My current addiction is Europe. I can't get enough and explore new countries every year.

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