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Fresh Fish and Ocean Time in Baja

I raised my head from the pillow and looked out over the ocean, throwing the sheet off and allowing the slightest of cool breezes to provide some sweet relief from the early morning temperatures.

The rising sun, banishing the glinting stars I had enjoyed watching whilst falling asleep the night before, was starting to crank out some heat and the ocean, a short walk away, was beckoning me with her cool waters and sparkling diamonds on the surface.

Here we were in at San Pedrito Point, near the small coastal village of Todos Santos located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains on the pacific coast side of the Baja California Peninsula.

The four of us had travelled the West Coast of the USA in our rather scrappy but endlessly reliable blue and white Dodge Campervan heading south through to Baja California Sur bypassing Tijuana in search of the ocean, the waves and the smaller towns and villages.

Our arrival to our campsite fell on a Sunday and we were treated to a scene full of locals from the village who were enjoying a beach style Sunday of swimming, bbqs, fishing and music. It was a busy, chaotic and festival type atmosphere that slowly died down as the sun set and we were able to enjoy falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and the sparkling stars above.

As I climbed down the ladder and padded across the sand towards the water I looked out across the point at the fisherman wondering when their fishing day had started.

The day before, these lovely men had delighted us with a freshly caught and bbq’d fish with rice and lime juice to be enjoyed with a cold Tecate beer. No doubt today, around lunch time, we would head across to their ‘live’ fish shop and enjoy some more edible delights from the ocean.

However, right now, the water was calling and the days ahead were to provide us with hours of ocean time including surfing, body surfing, swimming, fishing, eating mangoes and generally enjoying some magical sunrises and sunsets with the ocean as our front yard and the mountains at our back door.


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When not working on international adventure trips as a guide and medic, Rachel spends her time surfing, trail running, learning spanish, indulging in her passions for photography and writing and planning her next expeditions. Life is all about every beautiful sunrise and sunset!

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