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Tips for Traveling by boat and buying your first fishing boat

Looking for our new first Boat –

After 8 months in South America we headed north and now we are exploring Central America. One of the great experiences we had was traveling by boat from Belize to Mexico. We love it here in Mexico and so we decided to stay for a while, buy a boat, work on board and and sail around. We are now looking to buy a fishing boat and would like to share a few tips on how to search and buy wisely a fishing boat or a yacht, even if you’re not a boats expert.

By the fact that water covers two thirds of the earth’s surface alone, you probably understand that a boat will take you to more places than you could visit by car. With fishing progressively growing into an important sports and commercial activity, your dream of buying a fishing boat is valid. Ideally, you need a boat that is ready to go and besides, something that will give value for the much that you spend. As manufacturers display a wide range of their craftsmanship, it takes an eye with a high discriminating ability to choose from the greater variety. However, this should not sound magical because no matter how little you know about boats, this article will treat you to the most superior tips to buying the best fishing boat. Here is the insight:

Time your purchase well

Identified as one of the most debatable topics in relation to boat purchases, it remains an essential consideration especially when you have a budget to honor. The asking price is very low at the end of a high fishing season, and tends to hike as the fishing season begins. As such, it would be appropriate to buy your boat when there is limited competition because you will benefit from a greater bargain and ultimately a better fishing boat.

Choose between new and used boats

This is another essential consideration that you should make when looking for the first boat. Always remember that new boats have not been tampered with and will therefore offer you a trouble-free ride from the onset. Regardless of this merit to which everyone desires to be associated, have it in mind that they are highly priced. Another advantage that you will experience with new boats is a full warranty and excellent support from the manufacturer.

Used boats on the other hand come with merits and pitfalls. Since you know little concerning the history of such a boat, you actually take a greater risk on its quality. Little knowledge regarding a boat’s operation and its repair history may render it obsolete soon after the purchase. Even so, you will get the boat at a cheaper price. Considering the fact that both options have merits and pitfalls, you ought to pay attention to issues such as budget before settling on one option.

Check boat maintenance and Take it for a test drive

No matter how limiting the seller may be, ensure you take the boat for a test drive. He or she may insist on driving, so be sure to observe how the boat performs. If you happen to be in charge, ensure you engage its reverse, neutral and forward systems as you also take note of the engine’s response. The engine should never produce excess noise and vibration because this may call for mechanical attention soon after the purchase. If you are a new boater you could try boating apps like ‘Myboats’ that will help you with boat maintenance and repairs.

Pick the make/model

Having known whether you will buy a new or used bought, it is time to slim down your options and cut the list to a few boats which you would love to assess and take for a test-drive. This is where online resources and local referrals come in handy, helping you to discard the models which may not be of help as you profile the major ones. In making the preference list, look at factors such as weight, noise levels, the cruising speed, beam and draft.

Assess the chosen boats

Once you have selected some models that you will be probing, the biggest assignment is to look for a reliable supplier and probe the boats one after another. This is when you assess the material and other essential features of your boat. A high-caliber material should stick to your mind because you need something that will stand tough and rough weather conditions.

While probing the chosen boats, consider issues such as the external hull and decks, outboard engine, cockpit area, cabin and interiors. At all times, make sure you buy a boat which meets your fishing needs.

Look at the warranty and make an informed purchase

Things like warranty speak a lot regarding the credibility of your seller. If you are buying a used boat, you should be told whether there are any servicing benefits that you will get from the manufacturer. If not, make it your business to know what happens if the boat will break down. After considering all these, it is time to make your purchase.

In summary, you don’t need ten years of working experience in the fishing industry in order to buy the best fishing boat. With a few considerations as those provided by this article, you will be a better buyer than someone who has been in the industry for centuries.


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Traveling couple, Blogging about our travels and experiences. Started in Argentina and currently exploring Mexico

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