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Paradise Lost [Call if Found]

Seems as if the undiscovered paradises of the world don't stand a chance….

As we arrived to one of our favorite secluded beaches, we were surprised by the shiny new barb wire fence which greeted us. The tattered old fence boldly served its purpose of detouring visitors; unless lucky enough to discover the small hole near the bottom, within the overgrown jungle grasses. A security guard quickly slithered out from behind the shadows of the trees, as we contemplated throwing the car in reverse and splitting. The friendly smile on his face convinced us to stay. After introducing himself he took the key out of his pocket, unlocked the fence and encouraged us to drive the long trail to the beach…. actually he insisted we drive, as we continued to insure him we were happy to walk.

As we neared the beach, a second guard totting an automatic weapon arrived.

"Your partner gave us permission to enter," I shakily stated in Spanish.

"I don't mind," he replied in perfect English.

After learning the land which leads to the beach was being disputed [hence the heavy security] we took in the scenery; sensing it could be the last time we stood on this beach, alone on this pristine sliver of sand.

With so many adventurers exploring the Earth; looking for their version of paradise, change is inevitable. There is bound to be another soul [or all inclusive resort] lingering in paradise with you. So enjoy every moment of solitude upon a mountain top, rare instances of aloneness on an undiscovered beach or lonesome drive along a dark desolate highway.

And most importantly…

If we are kind to others and treat each other with respect, I am optimistic that paradise won't be so painful to share together.


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I’m Jen… a Science teacher by day and a beach bum by afternoon. I live along the Pacific coast of Mexico with my husband Sam and our two dogs. I yearn for adventures; surfing is a daily ritual, frequently followed by street tacos and a cold margarita. I was born and raised in Southern California; however, a desire to transform what I understood about the world, a repugnance for a mundane existence & a nagging twitch for adventure has kept me packing my bags. Loved ones have learned to write our address in pencil, always seem to find room to store our belongings and have stopped asking: 'when are you going to settle down?'.My philosophy in life: smile more, live simply and always have an adventure of some sorts on the calendar; whether it is a full moon night hike, just down the road or traversing across the world!

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