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How it feels to be woman traveler in Morocco

Morocco is one of the exotic destinations that almost every woman dreams to visit at least once in a lifetime. Some women fall in love with the country or with Moroccan man and end up living there. Despite the exotic and beauty, how it feels as woman traveling in beautiful Morocco?

Between a sense of serenity that the desert gives you and the anxious curiosity while walking in the small streets crowded with merchants in Marrakech, the impression that you will have of this trip is as if you took part in one of the tales of Scheherazade, but tale with a modern interpretation. Everything from the food to the unique scenery of the oases with their palm trees and gardens will fascinate you. You'll get used to drink Moroccan tea at any time of the day, you will accommodate easily to the warm Moroccan hospitality. You'll feel as that warm color of the landscapes is part of you, as it was always have been part of your environment. And at the end you'll wonder how come you did not visit earlier this fairytale country.

Despite all this beauty, women have to be cautious. Generally, Moroccans are amiable. The tourism is a major industry and is well organized. Even the policemen are quite responsive and you can always contact them to guide you or give you advice. But you are in a Muslim country where women generally do not work and you cannot stop a woman on the street to talk to her. It is not accepted that you take pictures of them as well. This is particularly true in the countryside. For these reasons, Western women (generally speaking) are perceived as readily available, and those with fair skin and light eyes are even considered as exotic. Even if you are not alone and feel safe, let the man next to you to ask for directions or to haggle on the price because you do not want unwanted attention and familiarity. Moroccan men are not aggressive, but will benefit from the chance to touch an "exotic" woman. Make the most of your 1001 Nights fairytale but be prudent!


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As a child I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant so I can travel around the world. Years later, the life’s circumstances took me to Ethiopia where I’ve spent one year. Followed Romania, Ukraine ... Wherever I go I can’t get enough. I want to embrace the world and the people in it, get to know them and learn all about the places, cultures and lifestyles. To learn patience, creativity and wisdom. Because I believe that only travels through unknown lands can open the most human and personal knowledge that would otherwise remain hidden to our eyes. All I have learned from strangers in foreign countries, all wisdom collected and all the joy I had in my travels I try to share in my blog. The reason I’ve created When Woman Travels is to present the female point of view and to be useful to women i n their travels. Because women are curious and thirsty for knowledge beings, and knowing the world is the best way to get to know ourselves.

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