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The Coziest Places to Stay in Mozambique

If you want to get away from the city mess and extreme noises, then come to this beautiful heaven. Mozambique has 2500km of coastline and two breathtaking archipelagos filled with mesmerizing beaches and I just had to go there on several occasions and visit different places. Here are the best accommodations I found, experienced and hear about.

Hotel in Bazaruto Archipelago

Since I wanted to see the amazing Bazaruto archipelago, I decided to stay in Azura hotel which is one of the most chic boutique hotels in Mozambique. It is clean, natural and its colors are filled with soothing tones of creams and marines, with a touch of African spirit. This luxurious suite has private beach garden, infinity pool, glass-enclosed bedroom and huge bathrooms. Its veranda is the most comfortable place for reading a book while sipping a cocktail. The food here was always fresh and tasty, and you have the options of dining wherever you want, including the beach. Probably the best thing about this hotel is that is only a few minutes away from mesmerizing beaches of the archipelago.

Rentals in Maputo

If you want to explore Maputo and hotels are not your style, then you should find an entire house to rent. This is pretty useful if you are traveling with your family. Even thought you might not be close to the water and beautiful beaches, renting a suburb house still has its perks. Look through some Real Estate Mozambique offers and you will certainly find lots of houses and villas with different characteristics. To find your way around and explore the city, you can always ask some locals to help you. But the most amazing experience I had is the chance to meet the local cuisines, people and their customs. In addition to that, I got the chance to visit amazing pubs and restaurants and each of them had their own adventures.

Camping in Duna da Praia

If you enjoy the nature and just love camping, then you should visit the Duna da Praia resort. It is in the tropical coast on a beautiful island named Macaneta, just 35 kilometers north of Maputo. Since this island is calm and filled with long empty beaches, it is worth while staying there for a few days and having the most amazing camping experience. Camping on an isolated island that is filled with shrubs hedges and flowers may sound unsettling, but the campsites are actually hidden among the dune bushes near the beach. Also, these campsites have all that is necessary for living, such as electricity, running water, bathroom and showers. As far as food is concerned, the water is filled with various edible kinds of fish and the fishermen are there to catch them for the campers. Even spending just a weekend on this tropical camping sure is a unique experience and you can even engage in some fishing rituals and catch the food on your own.

Private Island Medjumbe

This tiny private island offers you the chance to go on vacation without your family and children. You can go alone or with your significant other and enjoy the complete luxury and privacy of Medjumbe. There are several lodges that are far from each other just enough to provide feeling of isolation and each of them looks on the beach. The staff there is pleasant, you can act like a complete diva and get whatever you want, or just be a normal person and enjoy the stay. The food is delicious and you can enjoy it wherever you want. There are no annoying tourists to spoil your dinner or sunbathing, it is you only and your peace and quiet. This private island is perfect if you want to escape the real world for a few days.

Safari Resort in East Africa

For all the nature lovers, staying in the Safari resort is a dream come true. East Africa Safari Resort is on the east coast of Mozambique and offers you some of the rarest opportunities, such as bird-watching, snorkeling, spear fishing and quad biking. During my stay at the resort, my accommodation was a self-catering chalet with 24-hour electricity and clean water. Additionally, there is an on-site restaurant and a beach bar, where you can taste tons of delicious seafood and various pizzas. Also, there are lots different ways to entertain yourself, such as playing pool, darts or simply watching sports events on big screen TV. Also, I saw numerous families happily enjoying safe swimming beaches that have natural reefs all along the coast. There is just place for everyone at this resort, and you can see Africa’s wildlife at its best.

As you can see, Mozambique offers you various types of accommodations that come with their own special surprises. If you are a loner, there certainly is a place for you to enjoy your peace. And if you enjoy big family vacations, you can simply dive into renting a house or staying at the safari resort.


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Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography.

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