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The Colors of Nepal: through the eyes of young people who live there

Putting a camera in the hands of children is one of the most interesting things that a photographer can do, through their eyes we can liberate ourselves from the usual conventions of photography and discover new ways of looking.

The eyes of young people are not obstructed by the rules, or suggestions on how to take the perfect picture.

When I thought of this project, the selfish part of me could not wait to learn and be inspired. In reality I would be the one who would have to teach. But teach what? Can you really teach photography?

The project ‘Photography as Healing’ was born in my head and developed thanks to a collaboration with Global Alliance Gratitude and Amy, co-founder of the NGO, who demonstrated enthusiasm, had a relevant project available and accepted my proposal.

The idea is to "teach" the art of photography to children living in villages or marginalized communities in the world. A simple way for these children to express themselves, to tell their life stories, to gain hope and self-esteem. To explain to them that there is a world in which photography is not just 'Selfie' photos and memories, but also stories from our own point of view.

I was playing with a number of things, written explanations, technical applications of photography. Worse still, I had with me some examples of photos to show them.

Thank God I did not do any of it.

Nothing could be worse worse than rules to an unfettered mind .

I asked myself, who am I to tell them that an overexposed photo is not good? Who am I to say that a crooked horizon is not aesthetic? If photography is really the story, they must tell it how they want to, even with dirty, burnt or blurry photos.

Who am I to hold these guys glued to a chair to hear speeches about light?

Success, then, that when I put cameras into their hands, their focus shifted from me to the lens.

I asked them to tell of their lives in school and nothing more. The result? Not a single 'Selfie'.

We did editing, I taught the basic rules of photoshop and I let them change their pictures as they wanted better. The outcome was pink clouds and skies, broken light. Tones of blue and green.

I was surprised how uninteresting black and white was for them, when usually black and white opens people's eyes. They created only a few black and white photos. When I tried to tempt them, telling them that black and white is the simplest solution to the problem of creating an "effect", Their faces lit up, not because they agreed, but rather were laughing like crazy at the fiction of life in monotone.

The world in black and white is fake. And they are right, life is in color, exaggerated, saturated, illusory. But always colorful.


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I am a lifelong learner with a passion for social change. I was born in a small town of Tuscany in Italy, I grew up writing poetry and reading books.I have a Degree in Visual arts and a Master's Degree in web communication and events organizing.My two passions are writing and photography. In photography in particular I am interested in people and their stories and I believe that photography can be a therapeutic way to exorcise our sorrows.I worked in studios and in press offices, but to stay locked in a room is too overwhelming for me, so I prefer to travel and be free to work from anywhere.I am curious to know the world and its people.I've lived in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro and wait for the next adventure.

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