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5 reasons why it was a blessing my phone broke while volunteering in a Buddhist orphanage

When I started volunteering on a Saturday in Newarpani my world was ok. I was in a village without anything but occasional power (or was it occasional power cuts?). So as a young, well-travelled, prepared, western girl I had my iPhone, iPod, my laptop, my DSLR and an extra charger with me.

On my second day, after learning most of the children’s names – who am I kidding – after learning a few of the children’s names and them getting more comfortable with me we started taking selfies which were supposed to instantly go on Facebook to keep our curious followers up-to-date. The great picture of the children and me enjoying the electrical fan during lunch break never made it to the World Wide Web. My screen slowly, very slowly turned blue. And then a black frame came in from either sides, only leaving a blue stripe in the middle! The end of an iPhone 4, it left me less than 3 months before the end of my trip. I should have freaked out I guess cry or yell – I mean all my pictures AND my only way of communicating with my friends and families just vanished. All I did though was explaining my little nepali students what “My phone just broke” means, I left out the loud “SH*T” that came before that 😉

As soon as I was alone I tried to revive my phone – without luck. So all I really could do was thinking of the positive things that come from that situation.

1. Finally I have time to read without being interrupted by messages, status updates, horrific news from the world or the simple urge to open random apps to see if something new has happened since I did that 5 minutes ago.

2. I spent more time with the kids – that is what I came here for after all.

3. I got going on editing pictures that have been waiting on my laptop for ages.

4. I used the new found time to actually take more pictures and have my camera with me at all times (as there were no more snapshots with the phone)

5. Also I sat down and wrote an article about not having a phone, after that I might write an article about teaching English in Nepal, after that about how it is to live in a Buddhist monastery and so on.


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26 year old austrian girl travelling the world with her best friend and their own charity foundation. I ravelled on my own around Europe ( for the 5 months last year and but now Lisa and I are travelling around India and South East Asia to help make this world a better place and share this spirit with other people and raise awareness that just because we have a very good life doesn't mean eveyone else is in the same situation! And there are ways to help! After finishing school in 2009 I travelled around Australia / New Zealand / Fiji for one year before starting to work in project management back home in Austria to save up and fullfill my dream of travelling long term - and because travelling alone is not enough we've started the Where You'd Rather Be Foundation!

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