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6 ways to have an amazing autumn in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – it is a spider-web of a city, where bucolic canals, charming footbridges and cobbled side-streets offer surprises on every mid-17th century corner.

Around one corner, the stepped gable façade of a merchant’s house; around another, a Michelin-starred restaurant; next you’re gazing at the work of the troubled geniuses of the Dutch Golden Age – Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Here are my 6 things to see and do in Amsterdam this autumn. Read them, then ignore them. And do your own thing. After all, that's when the best adventure happens.

1. Soak it up – by hiring a bike

A bike is a rusty ‘n’ trusty fundamental in Amsterdam; it’s cheap, it’s green, it’s how all Amsterdammers get around, royalty and riff-raff alike. It’s egalitarianism on wheels, for hire all year round. You'll find places to rent a bike all around the city.

My favourites are: Canal Bike and Yellow Bike

2. Lay your head – where Rembrandt laid his

Jordaan: This former poverty-pit and final home of the bankrupt Rembrandt, is today the epicenter of Amsterdam’s independent art scene. A romantic haven of crooked streets, boutique shops, bountiful galleries and canal-house hotels.

Need a play to stay? Budget Places

3. Sights taste better – with a canal view

Amsterdam by open-topped boat is a wind-in-your-hair must. Especially exploring the mighty 400-year-old Canal Ring – recently added to the UNESCO world heritage list. If that doesn’t float your boat, the remarkable canal-side mansion house museums will.

For an instant trip: Amsterdam Canal Cruise

4. A classic evening – starts with art-house cinema

The EYE Film Institute Netherlands is a film buff’s mecca, just 3 minutes’ free ferry ride from Amsterdam Central Station. This mothership of cinema regularly plays host to screenings, shows, and festivals. If it’s on, it’s inside.

Discover what's on: EYE

5. Drink to you – in a famous hang-out

For a thick slice of intellectual hubbub, try Café Welling. Much-loved hangout of Holland’s literary crowd, this ‘bruine café’ has the traditional dark-wood paneling and tobacco-stained walls you’d expect. Open weekdays and weekends.

Where is it? Café Welling

6. Eat like a king – where the food is a masterpiece

They say no one comes to Amsterdam to eat. Clearly they haven’t eaten at Restaurant Greetje. Here, inelegant cuisine is out, whilst old-fashioned local classics are in your mouth and entirely devoured, quicker than you can say ‘Dutch masterpiece’.

Book your spot: Restaurant Greetje

Profile photo of Claire Robinson

Meet Claire. An award-winning freelance writer, based in Gloucestershire, England, with an obsession for travel and gin. Her difference? Everywhere she goes, she seems to bring calamity along also. So her stories have a humorous edge - and are mostly about Claire making a travel buffoon of herself. For Claire, too much travel content is serious and high-brow. Her take on travelling is the opposite - her view is a fun one, with a lightness of touch that makes travelling feel real and human. And if she makes people laugh along the way with her tips, personal stories, and guides, then all the better.

One thought on “6 ways to have an amazing autumn in Amsterdam

  1. Profile photo of Rhea SinghRhea Singh

    I'll try and make a complete day from all this! I still can't believe that I'll be in Amsterdam day after all thanks to Lufthansa's amazingly economical ticket prices!!


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