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One step away, nothing more

Traveling has always been in my blood. I was born in Singapore, and I am a French native who, since day 1 has been hit by the travel Bug Syndrome. For a while, I was fighting my true passion, cornering myself back into a "normal" life with the job, the house, friends, steady life. Slowly, you start realizing that you are embedding yourself into a routine life, and you have lost any alertness to the world. Your inspiration diminishes and you separate yourself from what drives you, which essentially leads you to your purpose in life. Everything becomes still and you pace through your days, weeks, months and eventually years. I suddenly woke up one day and realized that this wasn't meant for me. I fuel my happiness through travels, discovery of the unknown, sharing stories with others, and daily challenges. But the real question was: How do you go from a steady job to this life?

It's simple- you take one step away from it. It's a big step, a risk, a moment of complete discomfort. Just do it, don’t hesitate because every life decision will be a risk but as Mark Twain says “ Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Three contradicting voices will be juggling thoughts in your mind overtaking it fully. That’s normal, it is your first strength test. Will you choose to listen to the one telling you to "give up, you are lost." or will you choose the risk of "not letting go?” Up to you… I can tell you, I’ve done both and I much regret the day I chose to follow the voice telling me to give up, as by giving up I let go of my dream for something more comfortable which ultimately led me to think about my dream life over and over again. Conclusion? Take that risk as when you do, this is what happens.

When I chose to not let go, I packed my bags en route for New Zealand with a backpack, a Gopro and my ticket. It was simple yet a decision that changed my life and now I am going to use this experience to inspire others to do the same.

Everyone claims that travel allows you to discover yourself, which in a certain retrospect carries a lot of truth as a statement. However, based off experience, I think travel leads you to discover more than just yourself. In all fairness, it allows you to connect with yourself, and therefore be in sync which ultimately gives you a little nudge into the right direction. You will now know what in life it is that you enjoy and dislike and you will no longer accept to settle. Why? Because you have fought to escape for an instant the routine life and you understand that routine is the enemy of time. It makes life pass you by, numb your alertness and fascination for the world, and just shuts you down. Take the step, follow the lead and the rest will come..

First step into Auckland, and I just knew it was the beginning of my story. It was the moment I felt uncomfortable but this only led me to feel more comfortable. This feeling only hinted that something stronger would be on it’s way. I hopped on a bus the next day and was off from Auckland to Hahei Beach, where I encountered my first New Zealand adventure. A four to five hour kayak session in the blistering cold. Silent, beautiful, peaceful, there was something about it that really gave me a peace of mind and I felt pure bliss. You are one amongst ever changing scenery from wind, to snow storms, waterfalls, emptiness, heat, powerful waves and every day brings a new moment of awe. However, here I am in Hahei with an epiphany- traveling is about the people.

We have forgotten that traveling isn’t solely about the places you go, it is about to whom these places lead you to and where they continue dragging you to. I have travelled since Day 1 and yes I remember the essence and beauty of every location, but what has shaped me to be who I am today are the people. People, human relations are what we live for and keep us going and when you travel your life will change from these people.

I will therefore focus the next entries on the people that have inspired me, their stories as who I am today is a product of the people I have met on my travels, they are my inspiration/.


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Frenchie born in Singapore with the ultimate travel bug sting! I have lived in London, Philippines, Atlanta, Boston, Belgium, LA, New Zealand, Australia and more. Travelled to the Maldives, South Africa, Indonesia, Europe and the list goes on and will only continue to grow as I pursue traveling to be a part of my career path. It is a passion, it is a part of me and I wish to inspire others to let it guide them. Through travel I have discovered not only a lot about myself, but listened to other people's stories- all of which has deeply touched me and inspired me. This brings me to say that traveling makes you a storyteller and my goal is to share these stories and let everyone grow their own stories.

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