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The Land of Infinite Wishes

Those who grew up watching Disney movies are most likely familiar with the tune, “If you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

Well, when you have the New Zealand night sky to work with, the possibilities are endless…

Spending 8 out of 12 months camping for the year can seem like a daunting endeavor. Especially when you’ve become quite accustomed to taking long, hot showers on a whim, curling up in a comfy, cozy bed each night, and cooking in a fully stocked kitchen that perhaps is also equipped with a nice dishwasher. My partner, Kyle, and I made the conscious decision to leave all this behind and begin the ever-so-glamorous life as backpackers/permanent campers in New Zealand. While there’s no denying that there are ups and downs to this lifestyle, when the sun sets and the stars come out to play, everything seems right in the world again.

The New Zealand night sky slowly comes to life like glitter being sprinkled across a dark canvas. As if magic were unfolding before your eyes, the stars dutifully begin to twinkle and shine to their brightest potential. This dazzling effect is enough to convince anyone to ignore the freezing temperatures and simply sit and take it all in.

As the minutes pass by, these lustrous qualities are only amplified. As if the night sky were in no hurry to reveal what it truly has to offer, layers within the stars slowly become apparent. Those that appear to be the biggest and brightest are like diamonds that you could simply reach up and pluck out of thin air.

Lets forget about the stars for a minute and talk about the MILKY WAY. Kyle loves to refer to it as a “mohawk” that dances across the whole sky. And it truly is. Its glowing arch gives off the striking effect that you are sitting in your own personal “star globe.” Staring up at this shimmery paradise awakens the senses and energizes the soul in ways only other-worldly experiences can. Dreamy, mystical, spiritual. Insert any adjective you please, its enough to ignite the feeling that you are a small part of something much, much bigger.

Now, back to wishes. The saying goes “wish upon a star,” but lets take it above and beyond and think back to those special moments when you were fortunate enough to witness a SHOOTING STAR. You’re supposed to make those heartfelt wishes that reflect your deepest desires upon sighting a shooting star, right? Well let me tell you, shooting stars are handed out like candy here in New Zealand. Beam after beam flash before your eyes, some actually managing to hurtle across a significant portion of the sky. ZOOM. WHOOSH. SWOOP. One after the other. Stare at one area long enough and your bound to catch that spectacular streak of light materialize and then disappear as if it has no idea just how much we value its sudden, yet brief, appearance. Like I said, people… the Land of Infinite Wishes!

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My partner and I moved to New Zealand to experience this mind-blowingly beautiful country for a year, but this is only the start of many adventures to come... We bought a van and have made it our mission to find all the hidden gems NZ has to offer. We want share the ins and outs of life in NZ and all the amazing places you can visit so you all may be inspired to experience them as well! As yoga is a huge passion of mine, we will be heading to Bali so I may study to become a certified yoga teacher. I will share my yoga journey as a backpacker and everything that leads up to that moment when I can go out into the world and share this amazing practice. And of course, there will be many travel stories in-between... Life on the road is the life we love!

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