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Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Wellington

For multiple reasons it is impossible not to fall in love with New Zealand’s capital. The accessible city located at the bottom of the North Island has everything from hiking trails to nightclubs. Here are the top reasons I fell in love and can't wait to return:

Mount Victoria

I have taken a lot of pictures of breath taking views since I have been in New Zealand but my favourite ones are the ones I have taken from the summit of Mount Vic. Whether it was on my first day, the day I woke up early to see the sunrise, or two days ago when I walked to the top to see the sunset, the views you can see from Mount Victoria never disappoint.

Cuba Street

I go to Cuba Street nearly every day. Equipped with great restaurants, bars, and shops Cuba Street is a central hub for Wellington. I have been there to watch my friends get tattoos and to listen to the various buskers. During my semester Cuba Street’s iconic bucket fountain was taken away and replaced so I had to go and compare the new version to the old.

From 5pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights Cuba Street is also home to the night market. The night market is a collection of different food trucks and the best place to have dinner.

The Food

All the food in Wellington is good! I am yet to have a bad meal but obviously I have my favourite restaurants. Whether it is grabbing the best burger in town from Ekim or indulging in Fidel's brunch there is no meal that will leave you disappointed. Multiple people will describe the coffee in Wellington as some of the best, but it is important not to overlook the food!

Courtney Place

Cuba Street is the street for the bars while Courtney Place is famous for the clubs. Some of the best ones to check out and dance the night away at are The Establishment, El Horno, and Electric Avenue. However, if a night on the town isn't your thing Courtney is still a worthwhile place to visit. The street offers a cinemas, restaurants, and multiple shops. If you're missing home and craving coffee there is even a Starbucks.

The Skyline Walk

If you're looking for a day tramp but don’t want to venture too far out of the city then all you need to do is take the train to Johnsonville to embark on a five hour hike across Wellington’s skyline. Transportation costs about as little as $5 and aside from the views of Wellington the best part is at the end of the hike you only have to take a short 10 minute bus ride back into the city.

The Botanical Gardens

Wellington is known for its beautiful botanical gardens, which cover over 26 hectares of land. The gardens offer a variety of different walks that are all about a free 40-minute journey from the top down to the city. Go feed the ducks at the duck pond!

The Cable Car

112 years in business if you Googled Wellington then you have seen an image of the cable car. Only $2 for a one-way trip the cable car takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Wellington city to the peaceful botanical gardens.

Public Transportation

As the country’s capital Wellington is very accessible. For shorter day trips you can travel by train, taxi, or bus or if you wish to go somewhere further away then there is also the airport to consider. The ferry going to the South Island leaves right from the harbour!

The Harbour

Some of my favourite afternoons were spent at the Wellington Harbour. Whether you spend your afternoons at the beanbag chairs, at the Te Papa museum, or in the water there is always something to do at the waterfront. In the summertime there are popup stores and music for salsa dancing and in the winter I saw an ice skating rink.

On Sundays from 8am to 2pm the harbour hosts the Farmer’s Market which is something I definitely recommend going to. A little tip: the earlier you get there the better the produce.

Westpac Stadium

During my semester I went to Westpac twice. Once for a U20 Fifa cup game and once for a Hurricanes’ rugby match. Westpac is home to a variety of different sporting events and if you can get tickets then I highly recommend the short walk over there.  

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Born in South Africa, spent eight years in England, and now currently in America, it is safe to say my accent tends to confuse quite a few people. At age twenty one I consider myself very fortunate to have explored several parts of the earth but there is still so much left. In an ideal world when I graduate from PSU, Spring 2016, I will land a job that will allow me to travel more of the globe. Frosting and cheesy garlic bread are my ultimate weaknesses.

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