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3 best international destinations to beat summer heat

When heat from the summer sun feels oppressive enough to make you sit with your legs draped over the side of kiddy pool in the backyard it is time to get out of town and head some place cooler. Although I think of tropical locations for most travel these seemingly tropical wonderlands can turn humid and miserable in the summer months.

Here is my list for best places to cool off internationally:


Europe encompasses a wide geographic region so you can cool off while boating through the fjords of Norway or take a dip in Frigoulet’s Lake Ceze in France.

A perk of visiting European countries is the train system. The Eurail pass is as low as $67 for a single country and has perks such as free bus trips to specific destinations on French national railways bus services and free ferry rides between Greece and Italy. Having the pass also has destination specific transportation discounts. By getting the rail pass your transportation will help you cool off and explore more of what these countries has to offer.


Canada borders the US making it cheaper and easier to get to than other destinations. The Great North offers pristine wilderness areas such as Banff National Park where you can paddle through icy blue glaciers. Or maybe you want to unwind in picturesque islands such as Victoria, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland where you can bike along the coast and eat fresh seafood.


Our summer is their winter, but with the country located close to the equator it is still going to be warm enough to have summer fun. If you are sick of the heat Victoria is for you. Within hours from Melbourne you can enjoy Mt.Buller by skiing snow capped mountains. Australian winters are great time for whale watching and year round they are known for snorkeling or other water activities along their famous beaches and reefs. You might be paying to drive in Australia but with some of the most scenic highways in the world it is well worth the price.

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You will find me at the intersection of culture and food. Writing about Social causes, parenting, and all things that reflect humanity.

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