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50 cent to touch real afro hair!!! This is how i got money around Asia!

My name is Michael Petrolini, a 24 year old guy from Italy. Today I would like to tell you about how I made more than a thousand euro in the four months I spent traveling around Japan and Taiwan with just my hair.

It may sound bizarre, but laughing and joking I got 1346 US dollars. 

Dating a Taiwanese girl for almost 2 years, I got to know many people from Taiwan and I found out a lot about their culture and traditions.

You’re probably wondering how I did it. I'll explain: spending time with the people there, I noticed how my hair would attract their attention.  I did not tell you one important thing: I’m half African and consequently I have the typical afro hair, curly and dark. Just like children, they could not wait to touch my hair, to put their hands inside and treat me like I was an anti-stress ball. I’ve been called Mr. Microphone, Mr. Broccoli, Mr. Noodles, and even Sideshow Bob (from “The Simpsons”) because of the unusual appearance of my hair. So, I decided to become a kind of "street artist." 5 TND in Taiwan to touch real afro hair (20 approximately cents) or 50 yen (about 50 cents) in Japan. In this way I earned enough money to buy my food and pay for accommodations as I traveled all around Taiwan and Japan and used it as an opportunity to document in an original way one of the many socio-cultural differences existing between the Eastern and Western worlds

Not only was this an incredible chance to make a bit of a profit, but it was also an interesting opportunity to explore just how much importance the people in these countries seem to place on the “unusual appearance” of someone who comes from a different ethnic background and is outside of what they view as “normal”

Of course, it all just started as a joke, but in the end it worked out pretty well. I got to have a laugh with many strangers and make a bunch of new friends.

And, yes, don’t worry. I did wash my hair before and after people touched it. I don't know why i couldn't download the video in here so the only way to show you is watch it here: Now take a second and enjoy watching the video.

Profile photo of Michael Petrolini

HI EVERYONE!!! I'm Michael and since when i was 17 I have been traveling around the world. When i started at university (2011) I realized that it was not my way and I discovered myself as a traveller. Before my travels were just for fun...but now things are changing and nothing can be better than that. Travel is becoming my world, my job, and my life. Trust me, once you are in... is so hard to go back!!! It's like a drug and is the best one!!!

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