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A weekend in the "other" Europe

Eight weekends, eight cities, eight documentaries and one book to tell about youth from that part of Europe that is ill-known.

A weekend in the “Other Europe” is above all a book that will derive from a journey around cities less known by the mass tourism, to tell in 72 hours, places, faces, dreams and problems of a generation.

From the beginning of December onwards, in two months I will be visiting each of these cities trying to understand their souls, to understand who they are and how they live the youth of those places.

I will be reporting about this with daily posts on my personal website and on the social network, but a weekend in the other Europe will be mainly a book, half way between a reportage and a touristic guide, that I will be publishing at the end of this experience, and a series of eight documentaries, one for each place.

Some of the cities I have chosen have lived in the past or are still living phases of tumultuous changes. Sarajevo for instance, city which became the symbol of a long and devastating war, or Kiev, today center of a dangerous international conflict that risk to make Europe live again moments of his hardest and dark history.

I will try to understand hopes and the aspirations of the young people. the trends and the habits of the first real global and interconnected generation. Each city, therefore, will be told by an expat italian who decided to live there.

During these eight weekends, my personal website will host daily videos and photos so that my financial supporters will be able to access the progress on a daily basis.

I have chosen the crowdfunding (link to make an offer) because the journalism cannot (or doesnt want) invest in a project like this. 10k euros seem a large amount, I know, but this is the way I have planned to spend them.

4800 euros – travel and accomodations expenses. I have calculated an avarage sum of 600E per city. In cities like Belgrade costs are limited, Moscow and Reykjavik strongly increase the mean. I will not look for luxurious accomodations but in the costs also a local interpreter will be included since I dont wnt to include in the reportage only english speakers youngsters.

1500 euros – video instrumentation.

1000 euros – Editing and post production expenses

2700 euros – 500 copies of a self published book on Amazon

10k sum, that can actually scare, comes from this budget. Not even one euro will end up in my pockets, not even the possible earnings of the book selling, which will entirely go to charity.

I could have asked only 2k euros to realize the documentary only from one city but the result would have been uncompleted. The project I have in mind is ambitious and hard and for this reason I need your full support and help.

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34 year old, journalist, I work for Il Fatto Quotidiano.I have just launched a crowdfunding project via This project is a reportage about youth of the "other Europe". Please check this link out for more information:

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