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Dream Big and Travel

When I was 14, we had a family friend who was an artist. Her husband worked at a local university as a professor and a Dean. She was kind and used to pay me to clean her house so I could earn money. I went on a road trip through 4 states with her at the age of 14. I even got my first real job working at the university shredding papers, stuffing envelopes, and sending out mail the summer after I turned 16. That husband and wife had a sailboat, and sometimes they would sail to Seattle or San Diego. They also did a long trip to Zimbabwe, where he studied for work, and she met with local artists. I remember standing on their sailboat, as we drifted along the San Joaquin Delta, thinking this was how I wanted to live my life one day.

A lot has happened in my life since then but the ability to travel and see the world remains important to me. Today, I love road trips and I love travel. I love the possibility in travel. Maybe it's the American spirit, maybe it's the idea of the new frontiers and new people, or maybe it's knowing that in travel, anything is possible. Every thing is new, from the food, to the scenery, and to the people. Travel renews my creativity and makes me believe in the possibilities that lay before us.

We all meet people in our lives who help influence who we will one day become, like I did. They inspire us to see ourselves doing things we hadn't previously considered. Today is my first post on Kiss From The World, and in my first post I wish you all the possibilities that you dream for yourself in travel.

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I am a writer, mother, wife, and lover of food and all things travel. I live in sunny Southern California and try to travel any chance I can while dreaming big about new places and new opportunities.

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